G2: Laneige – Unleash Your Sparkling Beauty


Launched in 1994 in Korea, Laneige is a premium cosmetic brand that promotes lively, youthful skin with its most advanced ‘water science’ technology. As one of the many brands under Amore Pacific, the leading cosmetic company in Korea, Laneige entered the Singapore market in 2004. Korean beauty is now a rising trend in Singapore, especially since their products are considered lighter which is more suitable for Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Over the years, Laneige has built a strong brand profile with a series of marketing campaigns. However, as consumers become more involved in co-producing a brand’s online marketing content, it is important for a brand to pay attention to their usage of the different social media platforms. Hence, we question if Laneige is effectively engaging its users on the different social media channels and how Laneige can further distinguish one social media platform from another.

 Facebook  Instagram  YouTube

No of likes/ followerse/ subscribers

1 146 618 21 200 4891
Average number of likes/ views per post 50 219

66 000

Frequency of posts Average 1 per day More than 1 per day


Despite the huge number of Facebook likes than Instagram followers, Laneige’s Facebook posts always attained very few likes. On top of that, majority of Laneige’s Facebook posts are exactly the same of that as their Instagram’s. If this continues, it is very likely that users will ‘migrate’ to Laneige’s Instagram account for updates instead. Hence, Laneige will lose a potential platform to increase their brand awareness. Therefore, Laneige should re-adjust its strategies to differentiate the two different platforms.

Laneige’s YouTube channel has an interesting playlist “School of K-beauty” whereby makeup tutorials using Laneige’s products are uploaded. However, these videos were not uploaded regularly and this works the same for other videos like promotional videos. Therefore, users will not be motivated to check Laneige’s YouTube channel regularly and Laneige will lose another platform to interact with the potential online consumers. Hence, Laneige can consider producing a web drama series with a concept that revolves around skincare and makeup products. Adding a storyline to the videos will encourage users to visit Laneige’s channel frequently for updates.

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