Fitbit on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

Picture1Hi everyone!

I’m sure Fitbit is not an unfamiliar brand name to all of us. Nevertheless, here’s some background on its beginnings.


Fitbit’s first fitness tracking device prototype was created in 2007 by Eric Friedman and James Park which simply started as a wearable product that influences users to become fitter. Initially, the product innovation was lost in the noise due to the lack of brand equity. Within 2 years, they have successfully commercialized the fitness wristbands which allow users to monitor and track their physical activities based on steps took, heart rate, calories burned and other sophisticated functions with the launch of newer models. It also offers many features in their app and information on their website that aids in changing users’ habits to live a healthier lifestyle.

Facing major competitors like Jawbone, Nike FuelBand, Garmin, Microsoft band and so on, how can Fitbit stay ahead of the competition?

Research Questions:

  • How has Fitbit used its social media platforms to expand and engage their brand community effectively?
  • How can Fitbit further leverage on these platforms to capture the evolving trends of their target audience.

Social Media Insights

Data collection is held over the period of 18 – 31 March. In all, Fitbit is most active on Facebook with the most engagement garnered. Second on the list is Instagram and the least is on YouTube.Most campaigns are published on Fitbit’s blog and shared only on Facebook. Through the social media platform analysis, a gap in Fitbit’s usage of YouTube is uncovered. Hence, Fitbit can harness on this gap on YouTube platform to generate original content to form an IMC campaign.

Proposed Strategies 

Overall, Fitbit is a strong competitor in the industry and have established a sturdy social media structure. The recommendations of #FitMe2Bits and #FeedMeFit partnership with nutritional tools will achieve the goal of to expanding and engaging their brand community effectively. These strategies will also capture the evolving trends of Fitbit’s target audience.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend ahead!


Kwee Phay Shuen, Daphne (G2)



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