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Hi everyone,

Unlike most groups we will be basing our study on an upcoming new establishment, Sweetfish which will be launching its first store this summer at Asia Square. Sweetfish will be riding on the healthy eating wave that has caught on in recent years selling poke bowls.

Poke: A Hawaiian Concept

Poke is a fusion rice bowl with the main ingredient being raw fish. It is both a comfort food and a healthy meal packed with nutrition. In recent years, it has been sweeping the United States as a must have food trend, especially in New York and Los Angeles. Poke has since been headlining the American Community and culture. A Poke establishment based in the United States has recently been rated the #1 best restaurant on Yelp.


Sweetfish will be the first authentic Hawaiian poke establishment in Singapore.

Target market:

Demographic: Young professionals aged 20-40
(located at Asia Square)
Psychographic: Health conscious, trendy individuals

Other similar stores: Grain Traders, Aloha Poke, The Daily Cut (Healthy eating F&B stores in the CBD area)

Research Question

  1. How can Sweetfish, an upcoming establishment, leverage on the existing trend of healthy eating to engage their target audience via social media?
  2. How can different social media platforms be used to differentiate Sweetfish from other similar stores?

Value of Research

The purpose of this research is to see how we can best engage customers using various social media platforms by differentiating Sweetfish from similar stores in the industry. Since Sweetfish is a new establishment with no past records of social media usage, recommendations will be put in place based on the analysis of other similar stores.


  • Conduct surveys to gather primary data from prospective customers within the vicinity of the store. Surveys will be conducted in the CBD area where we will be approaching individuals that align with the demographics of our target market.
  • Analyse the social media platforms of similar stores such as Grain Traders, Aloha Poke and The Daily Cut. These F&B businesses use social media influencers such as LadyIronChef and Seth Liu to market their brands and products and increase overall brand awareness amongst the public.
  • Ride on the healthy eating wave that has been trending in recent years and come up with a campaign/movement on different social media platforms that differentiates Sweetfish from its competitors. The campaign will be aligned with maintaining a “premium feel” for the brand image as our target market will be young professionals working in banks and multinationals in the CBD.

We hope by analysing different social media platforms along with collecting primary data, the social media strategies we plan to adopt and implement for Sweetifsh will be able capture the attention of our target audience making Sweetfish the next big thing in Singapore.

Thank You!

Zac & Sarah (G2)



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