Group 6 – Han’s Art & Living



Han’s Art & Living was established in 1997, providing different genres of art for children. Han’s Art & Living started out with the belief that art is integral in moulding children’s thought process, unleashing the finer virtues within them. Furthermore, it also served as a platform for local artists to display their talents through art pieces.

Since its establishment, Han’s Art & Living relied on workshops and classes to sustain its business. In 2006, to expand its business, Han’s Art & Living started an online store to sell its wooden creation and art decorations.

As Singapore welcomed her way into the Golden Jubilee – 50th year of nation building in 2015, Singaporeans were also going towards a cultural and mindset shift. With the shift in mindset observed, it signified the growing acceptance among society to measure success in different areas.

In 2016, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth set aside $20 million fund to boost art scene locally and internationally. Through the funding, more world class exhibitions would be showcase locally and local artists would be able to have more opportunities to perform on international stage.

However, despite such policies in place to promote the art scene in Singapore, art scene in Singapore was still unable to flourish.

In light of the current challenges to boost the art scene in Singapore, the research question was to find out how can Han’s Art & Living leverage on social media to increase its brand awareness and engagement, hence playing a role in boosting the art and culture scene in Singapore?

Proposed social media strategies

  1.  Han’s Art Workshop

As Han’s Art & Living started out by conducting art workshops for children, we decided to leverage on its expertise in our first strategy. As such, our proposed first strategy aims to increase awareness in Han’s Art & Living through art workshops, that will be conducted at Han’s Art & Living’s own studio.

  1. Aspiring Artist Program at Art Flea

After Strategy 1 has been put into action, we hope to have established Han’s Art & Living’s social media presence through the creation of a more solid foundation of their social media standing and following. Building upon that, for Strategy 2, we aim to increase awareness of Singapore’s artists’ work to increase the efforts in the exposure of art to the public.

  1. Digital Interactive Arts

Upon establishing a more robust social media presence for Han’s Art & Living, and attaining an increase in awareness of work and crafts done by our local artists, the last strategy we want to implement is to build a community interest in art work in effort to sustain the art scene in Singapore.


By revamping our social media platforms through the uploads of more interesting and eye-catching infographics, as well as to seek the help of social influencers in promoting our workshop, the public will gain greater exposure to art and hence gain awareness of our company, Hans’ Art & Living. Therefore with this, we are certain that we will see an increase in our followers on all our social media platforms. With this increase in followers, further promoting efforts are likely to receive greater positive responses from the public as these efforts are able to reach out to a higher number of people. Thus, we believe that we will be able to attract a greater number of people for our Art Flea, and also, predict a high participation rate for the Aspiring Artists program as it provides one with an opportunity to be exposed to art as well as a chance to win attractive prizes. Therefore with this strategy along with the first, we will be able to build a larger community.
Thus, we believe that the interactive Arts’ effort would be successful as it will be promoted through our social media platforms, which will have a larger number of followers than the period before the implementation of our strategies. Additionally, as Singapore is a collective society, such efforts which require a collective effort would appeal to the citizens of our country, contributing to the higher success rate of our strategy.

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