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Background of Times Software

Times Software is a privately owned, small and medium sized enterprise (SME), incorporated in 1998. The company specialises in developing products, which assist in HR functions of all types of businesses: Payroll software, E-leave system and many other HR required functions. As such, any form of marketing in which the company adopts is business to business (B2B) centric.

Current Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategies are handled by the Sales and Marketing Director. Occasionally, the Managing Director will provide some recommendations, such as placing advertising poster around the building and paying to advertise in HRM Asia Magazine. The Sales and Marketing Director does not devise and implement any marketing plans as they do not see any value in aggressive marketing, much less social media marketing, as they are a B2B company. The firm predominantly relies on word-of-mouth recommendations by existing clientele in order to acquire more new clients. There is currently an unofficial Facebook page for Times Software, however it has yet to claimed by the company and the line of business is incorrectly listed as Times Software does not provide any form of computer repair services.


Target audience

As Times Software provide human resource software applications, the main target audience is the Human Resource (HR) department, particularly the personnel in the managing and director positions. The software is developed such that it can be easily adopted by any kind of businesses, hence, the firm sells and market to products to all types of industries (ie. education, hotels, construction, food & beverage). Going forward, the firm is looking to expand its clientele base by targeting and retailing to new start-ups.

B2B Research


According to statistical research, Linkedin is the most effective form of B2B marketing, followed by Twitter and Youtube.

Main Project Goal – “The New Era of Times (Software)”


Using research and examples of successful B2B marketing from successful companies, which includes Adobe, Fuji Xerox and Avery Dennison, we hope to devise a social media strategy for Times Software, with the objective of increasing brand awareness and subsequently tap into the niche market of start-ups (younger generation of clientele).

Competitor’s Social Media Usage

Competitor’s analysis is an extremely important aspect in devising a strategy. Most of Times Software’s competitors have a Facebook and LinkedIn page. However, they are plagued by generic content and sporadic updates, and this may lead to lack of engagement with their audiences. Therefore, in order for Times Software to stand out from their competitors, they will need to rely on the current and alternative social media platforms to create new and stimulating content which will pique the target audience’s interest, leading to new clients and eventual sales.

Research Topic

Times Software has little social media presence. Yet, there is an unofficial Facebook page because there are enough people that check in at the office location via Facebook, meaning there are people who wishes to connect with Times Software on Social Platforms. There are approximately 17 likes and 179 visits on the currently unclaimed Facebook page in spit of not having any promotion or marketing activities. Hence, we are able to conclude that there is sufficient interest in the firm that has much social marketing potential for growth. The main methods of contacting Times Software are email and phone calls.

With the influx of new start-ups established in Singapore recently and the country being lauded as an entrepreneur hub for investors recently, there is huge potential for Times Software to tap into this market of new clientele. As start-ups are more technologically savvy, they often have a heavy presence on social media. If Times Software does not incorporate social media marketing, they may lose out on this portion of the market to competitors.

Hence, we put forth the following research topic:

How can Times Software utilise B2B social media marketing to attract new clients, especially start-ups?

Why we selected this Company and Topic


Times Software is family business which was founded by Dionis’ father. We, as a group felt that it would be interesting to develop a strategy which will have a high chance of being implemented by the company, instilling practical value.

Method of research


Through primary data collection, we will analyse how the current customers came to know about Times Software and incorporate this information in our social media strategy. Our research method to gather data is to conduct surveys with the existing clientele who will attend the company’s weekly trainings.


Done by:

Ong Xue Ling, Petrina Thia Ai Ling, Liaw Ying Ling, Dionis

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