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Our group will be devising a social media strategy for ~BROWHAUS~

What is Browhaus?

First things first, let us give you a crash course on the company. Browhaus is a one-stop eyebrow and eyelash grooming salon chain, specialises in brow grooming services, beauty treatments and also sells their own range of beauty product such as lash-care and brow-care products. It’s basically a place for girls to come and get their Cara Delevingne eyebrows.

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Browhaus is currently active on Twitter (388 followers), Facebook (11,368 likes) and Instagram (3.6K followers), and their Browhaus website is updated regularly. These figures aren’t too high if you compare them to their competitors, which is why we thought something must be done to up their social media game.

In order to find out WHO the customers are and WHAT they thought of the company, we conducted a series of surveys, interviews, and field studies. And this is what we found:


Who are we targeting?

Young women aged 18-35 make up the bulk of the customers and so our strategies will be tailored towards this group.

Who are our competitors?

  1. Low cost competitors (eg: Millys and Rupinis):

These are more small scaled businesses that provide similar service at a fraction of the price. However, since these stores have limited resources to provide comprehensive training, the beauticians are less skilful as compared to the employees at Browhaus.

  1. High cost competitors (eg: Benefit and Shu Uemura):

These competitors have a much higher brand recognition than Browhaus and offer brow and lash services at similar costs. Their global recognition goes way beyond that of Browhaus due to their extensive makeup range on top of the brow and lash services.

So, What’s the problem?

While we were browsing through the posts by Browhaus, we were really bored by their content. Firstly, they lacked user engagement – hardly featuring any followers on their page or replying to comments. They also lacked relevance to their brand, services and products, but instead random beauty and fashion related posts that might interest some girls.

How now brow cow?

Our proposed strategies will solve these problems by:


Objective 1: To increase Browhaus’ social media presence by improving relevancy of content

Objective 2: To increase engagement and interaction with consumer base on Social Media

What do we propose?

After getting a deeper analysis of Browhaus, here’s our 3-part master plan:

1. #WhoAmEye



  1. Differentiate from low-cost alternatives by emphasising on staff expertise and qualifications
  2. To establish emotional connection with customers


Phase 1: Giving consumers a deeper insight to our staff qualifications and product certifications were essential to justify the inflated prices of Browhaus services. Our campaign #WhoAmEye will do just that. With #WhoAmEye, photos and stories revealing each of our Browhaus beauticians’ training and skill development experiences will be posted on our social media platforms.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 2.02.54 am.png

Phase 2: Then it’s time to take it to the streets! A Q&A video endorsing Browhaus expertise will be phase 2 of the campaign. Target consumers will be interviewed to get a deeper insights on common beauty FAQs and Beauticians who were featured in phase 1 will reply these questions through a video compilation. Treat it as a FAQ page, but in a video format with real life people and their real world problems. #reality.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 2.05.35 am.png


  • Track the number of impressions through social media sites

2. Browhaus Community


  1. Stand out against other high-end competitors by creating customer loyalty in the form of a Browhaus Community
  2. Strong brand recognition through social media platforms


The Loyalty Card: In order to reward loyal customers and retain them, Browhaus could create a community loyalty card. Through this loyalty card, customers will be rewarded after a certain number of visits. The more they visit Browhaus for their services, the larger the rewards they will receive.

loyalty card.jpg

Upon issuance of the loyalty card at the outlets, customers will be invited to join a private “Browhaus Community” Facebook group. The members only Facebook group will disseminate first hand information on deals and exclusive promotions and invitations.


Promotion via Social Media: Apart from spreading the news of the Browhaus community through its own social media platforms and in stores, there is a need to engage on influential sources in the field of beauty to tap on their followers such as female lifestyle magazines like Nylon and CLEO. By leveraging on their readership that is strongly aligned with Browhaus’ own target segment, Browhaus can reach out to a larger consumer base and excite new customers to join the Browhaus community.

nylonsg mockup.png


  • Number of loyalty cards given out
  • Track engagement rate

3. Brow-Hows


  1. Increase the awareness of currently unpopular Browhaus products
  2. Increase shareability and generate conversations revolving around Browhaus products


“Brow-Hows” Tutorial Videos – Not much explanation needed. They are essentially short snippets (no longer than 1 minute long) of a demonstration of Browhaus’ beauty products which will be posted on Facebook and Instagram, educating the users about brow know-hows through brow-hows 😉


Phase 1 – Product Giveaway

YAY free stuff! Knowing Singaporeans and their love for anything FOC (free of charge), we figured a product giveaway featured in the tutorial video would garner much attention and wanted to leverage on this to spread the awareness. This low effort strategy simply includes following the Browhaus Instagram page, liking the post and tagging two friends. Easy Peasy.

Phase 2 – #Browsonfleek Competition

Now is when things start to get serious. The #Browsonfleek competition is an addition extension of the strategy where followers let their inner beauty guru shine and take a photo or film a short video/Boomerang of their final look using the products. After uploading them onto Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #browsonfleek, participants will stand a chance to win a related product or service. YAY to more free stuff!



  • Media coverage analysis (eg: number of likes, shares and views of the content posted)
  • Comparison of the sales from these products before and after strategy implementation


With the proposed strategies, we believe that Browhaus can experience a significant improvement in the social media content that they post on the various platforms and reach out effectively to their target segment, and keep every girls’ brows on fleek.

With that, here’s wishing everybody

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– Group 4 // Rui Chen, Shamini, Su’an, Xinmin 


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