Established in 1977, Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Limited supplies the Asia Pacific region with  a wide range of beverages. Though their coffee and tea came in first, their 2015 overall ranking in the Food & Beverage Industry was third place.


Our survey findings identified a significantly low level of awareness of Pokka’s other product lines, namely the Juices and Isotonic Drinks. Majority of consumers were not even aware of the Plenish Sports Water’s existence.


Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 5.55.40 pm.png

We have chosen Yeo’s Singapore (Yeo Hiap Seng Limited) as the main competitor as both brands have:

  • Extensive presence in Singapore as household brands in the RTD market segment
  • Significant achievements in Singapore’s RTD scene


Our analysis focused on Facebook, Pokka’s and Yeo’s dominant social media platform. Although Pokka has successfully garnered more likes on Facebook (63,000 vs 30,000), they fall behind Yeo’s in terms of sharing and creating buzz (460 vs 828 shares/comments).


Pokka is active in campaign or event collaborations with Facebook posts in sync with the ongoing ones. Promotion of its products are launched together for a cause such as supporting cancer patients and advocating healthier choices (in green). However, there were also posts with unclear messages (in red).

IMG_2016-11-14 18:00:29.jpg

Yeo’s is more active in engaging consumers with a consistent theme of posts consisting of monthly contests, recipes and fun facts on their products’ benefits.

As such, some key takeaways for Pokka would be to:

  • Stay relevant
  • Engage consumers with interactive content
  • Increase awareness in the neglected product lines


How can Pokka use social media to increase awareness, especially of its other product lines?


Our primary target audience are consumers from 18 to 35 years old.

Target market insights:

  • Jogging was ranked the #1 sports according to the national sports survey
  • Desire for culinary and travel experience based on millennial study done by UOB
  • Enjoy simple things in life based on a millennial study done by Visa


Objective: To raise awareness for Pokka’s other RTD product lines, with a focus on the juices and isotonic drinks

  • Pokka’s isononic drinks is one of the most healthy options
  • Pokka’s juices can fulfill 1 serving of your daily dietary requirement of vegetables and fruits


1. Sponsorships

Details: This involves collaborating with organizations running sports events promoting “Healthy Lifestyle” such as marathons and competitions with a similar target audience as Pokka. Benefits offered by Pokka will be water stations (with Plenish Sports Water) and a photo booth with personalized backdrop designed for the event collaboration.  

Objective: To increase awareness of Pokka’s Plenish Sports Water and its product benefits.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 6.03.27 pm.png

Participants will be encouraged to take photos and videos at the personalized photo booth and upload onto Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #PokkarePLENISHedme and #PokkaXXX(Collaborating organization’s name). This will entitle them to enter our Plenish Sports Water contest, where they stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as a pair of Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix tickets.

2. Photo Contests


pokka insta.jpg

Objective: To educate consumers that Pokka juices fulfil 1 servings of their daily requirement of fruits and vegetables.


Consumers simply have to take a photo of their daily consumption of 2 + 2 servings of fruits and vegetables, with 1 serving being Pokka juice and upload it onto their social media platforms with the hashtag, #Pokkajuice2plus2.

Duration: 1-2 months

Weekly Prizes: winner $100 Fairprice voucher

Grand prize: A farm stay trip in Australia

# PokkarePLENISHedme

Main claims of the drink: Quick Hydration & suitable for all occasions

Objective: To convey to consumers that Plenish Sports Water can keep them hydrated regardless of the occasion


Consumers simply have take a picture of themselves enjoying the Plenish Sports Water at any occasion and upload it onto their social media platforms with the hashtag #PokkarePLENISHedme.

Duration: 1 month prior to Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Prize: A pair of Singapore F1 Grand Prix Grandstand tickets

Rationale: As F1 drivers lose up to 3 litres of water in a single race, staying hydrated is of utmost importance to them. Therefore, we want to build the association in the minds of consumers that Plenish Sports Water is able to achieve staying hydrated.

Facebook Engagement

For both contests, Pokka Facebook page will be constantly updated with relevant posts to gain engagement such as the importance of staying hydrated or posing questions for consumer to leave comments.

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Key Performance Indicators

Success of this campaign can be measured through tracking the following:

1) Number of participants using the branded hashtags

2) Share of voice through social media tracking tools such as Synthesio

3) Sales of the Pokka’s juices and Plenish Sports Water

3. A Christmas Special

Details: To set up basketball arcade games in four heartland locations around Singapore for families to participate

Prizes: Limited edition Christmas versions of the juices and sports water


Building on to the spirit of thanksgiving from Pokka’s SG50 campaign, we hope the limited edition Christmas design will provide an opportunity for family members to personalise the drink with their own messages and express their gratitude to each other.

We will be producing a video covering the entire event, with Pokka’s Christmas well-wishes for Singapore. Our end slate will include a call to action – “Have you thanked your loved ones yet?” – which we hope will promote our Christmas edition drinks as an opportunity for consumers to express their gratitude. By being a part of this festive season, we believe this can help Pokka build brand awareness.

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We hope that through our three campaign ideas, Pokka will be able to achieve the main objective of raising awareness of their other product lines – juices and isotonic drinks.  

By engaging the consumers through two way communication with interactive content on social media, these will allow Pokka to build association or top-of-mind recall between occasions and their products, propelling consumers to choose Pokka’s products over other competitors. With the increase in both brand and products awareness, this translates into sales growth, boosting Pokka’s market share position in the RTD scene.  

By: Elaine, Shauna & Wei Qing

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