Group 4 – Singapore Junior Chefs Club

  • Reason for choosing this topic

To help them improve their Social Media Platforms due to two basic points.

1. a rise in popularity of food videos

2. a competitive area to work on creating content.

  • The way SOCIAL MEDIA help out the organization on their problems/ issues

Let more people know about SJCC

  • Specific goals

Raise awareness(increase interest & attention to the organization and its activities)

Improve the content (quantity and quality)

Keep the interest of people on SJCC in the long run

Increase activity in the group (Sign ups, likes, shares)

No. of discussions

Event/Posts participants

  • Main messages

Awareness of club to young chefs, convey the benefits of SJCC

  • Ways to understand target audience & behaviors/characteristics

In-depth interviews with SJCC marketing staffs & SJCC members

Social Analytic Tools


  • Feasible media platform

Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn or Jobstreet

  • Standards for analyzing effectiveness of potential media channels

No. of shares/comments/ likes

No. of sponsors who approach club

No. of sign ups

No. of discussions

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