Pop music industry, fandom and social media

Hi Guys!
Who do you think is the most popular boy band or girl band in Singapore?
Take a minute and pick one, then we can explore and converse about how their social media strategies are implemented well and help them to be successful in the Singapore pop music scene.
Please leave a comment about a group that you think is popular and why in the conversation thread to this posting.
Thanks and see you in class.


8 responses to “Pop music industry, fandom and social media”

  1. The Sam Willows. They are active on their Instagram accounts, and also uploaded videos of their official/cover songs, and also tour diaries to connect to their fans. Official Facebook account is also updated constantly to update fans about new song releases and teasers!


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    1. I really love their creamy voice~


  2. As a fan of BTS, the South Korean K-pop group, I feel that they are relatively popular in Singapore and definitely gaining attention from people all over the world. In May, BTS had won the Top Social Artist Award at the Billboard Music Awards. Although I was ecstatic upon hearing the news I was in shock as well because BTS was against strong contenders like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes who are widely known in pop-culture. BTS actively engages with their fans through different social media platforms, such as Twitter where they update fans with pictures of what they’re currently doing and how they are feeling, Youtube where they showcase their individual personalities in real life and Instagram where they update fans about album releases. After clinching the Top Social Artist Award, BTS shot to fame and became the first K-pop group to collaborate with an American Artiste, The Chainsmokers. With the use of social media, it has showed us that even South Korean acts are able to make a breakthrough in the western pop-culture and this also gives hope and exposure to other South Korean K-pop groups.

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  3. BTS’s popularity is incredible nowadays. I need to check it out 🙂 What makes them so special than other K-pop idols?


    1. I feel that compared to other K-pop groups, each member in BTS is very unique as they all have different personalities, different looks and different singing styles, there is individualism. Most K-pop idols nowadays have very similar looks and personalities, there isn’t much that makes them stand out like BTS. BTS has their own online variety show on Youtube that shows fans their lifestyle habits and behaviours. The BTS on the variety show and the BTS on TV are completely different. This allows fans to get to know the REAL them. Other K-pop groups do not actively engage in their own variety shows as much as BTS. Also, BTS’s songs are quite different from other K-pop groups, their songs showcases each of their personalities and they try to add their own unique flavour to their songs. BTS has managed to gain popularity worldwide especially in the West because Westerners value individualism in pop groups.

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      1. Thank you so much for your insightful comment, which informed me in valuable new directions.
        The KSF of BTS raised by you is impressive. Good talent, interactive communication with fandom and unique storytelling makes them unique and “organic” … Outstanding in the K-pop scene.
        As far back as 2014 already, my students informed me they are have had enough of K-pop (“quite fed up …” they said) as it looked similar and feels factory-made.
        BTS could be a global phenomenon of K-pop in five years since the Psy syndrome … Nonetheless, it seems Koreans feel odd about its success; it looks typical Korean boyband, and is considered as the underdog idol not contracted to major entertainment companies.
        My feeling is that their success is a faithful account of Idol stars’ virtues: genuine passion into the music, performance, and their fans!


  4. Besides Sam Willows, Gentle Bones is also a popular band in Singapore. Gentle Bones’ folk-pop style of music has been drawn comparisons to Ed Sheeran’s. His self-titled debut EP reached #1 on the iTunes Singapore chart, and his singles “Until We Die”, “Elusive”, and “Save Me” also topped the iTunes charts. He has performed at events such as Music Matters Live 2014, and has penned a song for the upcoming 2015 SEA Games. At the age of 20, Gentle Bones is representative of the musical movement among the younger generation in Singapore.

    I think Gentle Bones is the pride of the local music scene, having gotten international awards like the Super Nova award at the Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival, and was featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list, along with international icons like K-pop legend, G-Dragon.

    P.S. Fun fact: Gentle bones filmed the “White Noise” music video at my internship place – a furniture showroom in Tai Seng. You can still see the price tags on the furniture if you look closely :p

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  5. I am a fan of Girls Generation and i feel that no other girl groups can attain what they had achieved in the KPOP scene. In today’s context, there has been saying by the netizens that TWICE is the next SNSD. I kinda agree with that statement because TWICE has been gaining huge amount of popularity even before their official debut due to the variety show SIXTEEN. However, I feel that TWICE can never replace or be SNSD as both of them are special in their own ways!

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