Group 1 – The Coastal Settlement

Hi everyone!

We’re Group 1 from G1 and our organisation of choice is The Coastal Settlement.

What is The Coastal Settlement?

It is a vintage-themed restaurant/cafe/bar located near the coast of Changi. It was established in 2011 under the Urban Group Company and was the first cafe to be set up along Netheravon Road.

What is the Target Group For The Coastal Settlement?

From our interviews, we’ve gathered that the cafe aims to target:

  1. Students and adults who wish to find a comfortable place to work out of office.
  2. Families with children
  3. People looking for a place to host events of any nature.
  4. Workshop enthusiasts.
  5. The local community in Changi

Why Did We Choose The Coastal Settlement?

We chose it because our group believes that the restaurant has the potential to grow into something more than just an eatery. It has a great story behind it, very attractive decor, amazing location, and a unique menu.

Its weak point is that it lacks a strong online and social media presence. It only has a Facebook page which isn’t updated regularly. It also does not have an Instagram page. Furthermore, its management does not believe in paid advertising either through online or offline channels.

Our goal was to come up with a strong proposal containing well-defined social media strategies, in order to convince our client of the value of engaging in social media to market the brand.

How Can Social Media Help The Coastal Settlement?

We believe that it can help:

  1. Create greater awareness of the brand, especially beyond the local community of Changi.
  2. Attract customers from nearby sailing and golfing clubs, or families exercising in the area with their children
  3. Receive and respond to online feedback.
  4. Turn loyal customers into advocates.
  5. Increase Zero Moment of Truth for the brand.

What Are Our Main Objectives of this Project?

As mentioned above, we hope to come up with a proposal that contains sound social media strategies which will help the brand better market itself and connect with its customers. We also want to help the management realise the effectiveness of marketing through social media.

Specifically,  we can help the management respond to social media comments and reviews professionally, attract more followers on its Facebook page, the creation of an Instagram account with unique content, and the monitoring of sentiment about the brand.

What Are Our Main Messages We Want to Deliver?

That The Coastal Settlement is a cosy, retro-themed restaurant which will whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of city life to the seaside.

That it is a perfect place to hold weddings, parties, and corporate events. It is also a place that allows people to relax, especially those who are hanging out nearby after a day of activities

Finally, it is a place for anyone who wishes to study, conduct meetings, or work away from home.

Analysing Our Target Groups

We hope to find out more about our target groups through interviews, observational studies, online surveys, and focus groups.

Feasibility of Media Platforms and Analysis of Data Received

We plan to use the usual social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and also food review platforms such as HungryGoWhere and Burpple.

We have seen the value of online journalism platforms like TheSmartLocal,, and LadyIronChef. Hence we will be looking at these platforms to push out content.

We hope to use platforms such as Social Bakers, Synthesio, and Facebook Insights to analyse the effectiveness of our social media platforms of choice.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our project in due time, Thank you!


– Group 1: Bryan Low, Christel Tan, Roy Chionh, Seraphyn See, and Zenavia Quek


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