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Hello everyone! Here’s a summary of our social media strategies proposal for SuitYourself.

Let us start off by introducing to you…. SuitYourself.


Screenshot 2017-11-24 19.52.49.png

Started in May 2016, SuitYourself Singapore is a local custom suits label with a mission to offer great made-to-measure suits at a fraction of the price of comparable luxury brand products. The values that the brand hopes to portray are quality, affordability and no frills.

Screenshot 2017-11-24 19.41.30.png

Unlike traditional tailors, SuitYourself works directly with their manufacturers and eliminates wholesalers and other middlemen from their supply chains. This is to avoid incurring steep mark-up prices, which allows them to keep their costs lower than a traditional tailor would. SuitYourself charges $268 for a tailored 2-piece suit as compared to >$400 from a competitor brand.

Social media performance


  1. Facebook

SuitYourself’s stronghold lies in its Facebook reviews, which is performing well beyond its competitors. It currently receives an average rating of 4.9/5.0 across 107 reviews, which reveals that SuitYourself is able to sufficiently meet its customers’ expectations and demands, allowing it to maintain its strong reputation and relationship with its customers.

However, more can be done to increase its likes and post engagement, as its performance in these two aspects pales in comparison to Tailor Couture for likes, and Este Bartin for post engagement.

Therefore, SuitYourself should continue building up on its Facebook reviews and work on increasing its brand engagement and outreach to improve its likes and post engagement.

2. Instagram

SuitYourself should continue to engage its current followers, while seeking other ways to boost its follower numbers to ensure better outreach to its target audience.

Target audience analysis 

Screenshot 2017-11-24 20.09.51.pngDuring our meeting with the SuitYourself’s founders, they mentioned that they were exploring the idea of establishing a SuitYourself store in SMU. Hence, our social media strategies will focus on SMU male undergraduates as they form the primary target audience of SuitYourself. This is to help SuitYourself lockdown customer loyalty from these students right from the beginning, before deciding whether to establish an outlet in SMU.

Some interesting research findings 


Despite SuitYourself being a newly established brand, 58% of survey respondents (out of 84 SMU male undergraduates) have heard of SuitYourself and 3 respondents have made purchases from SuitYourself.

Screenshot 2017-11-24 20.23.42.png

Based on our survey, these are the top 3 social media platforms that SMU male undergraduates use frequently.

We also did one-to-one interviews with these 3 SMU male undergraduates who have made purchases from SuitYourself and found that all 3 were satisfied with the fit and variety of designs and fabrics offered by SuitYourself. More interestingly, all 3 interviewees stated that they were willing to repurchase from SuitYourself in the future, and would also recommend SuitYourself to their family and friends.

2 out of 3 interviewees also indicated interest to be an advocate for SuitYourself, as they viewed it to be a good experience for themselves. Finally, all 3 interviewees indicated that given the opportunity, they would be willing to participate in potential SuitYourself social media contests.

And finally….. here are our proposed social media strategies for SuitYourself!

Strategy overview

Screenshot 2017-11-24 20.26.17.png

  1. Emerge
  • A brand-less movement of ‘#_____Yourself’  via the use of SMU male social media influencers. The positive concept of this social media movement is aimed towards capturing the reader’s attention, and elevating the sense of suspense and curiosity surrounding Strategy #2: Elevate. Emerge does not contain any purchase agenda, and instead aims to build rapport with the target audience.
  • Social media influencers will be selected from SMU student constituent bodies across all 4 years. They will post pictures of themselves wearing a suit on Instagram as well as change their Telegram display pictures.


2. Elevate

  • ‘Suit Anything’ – this campaign will see various objects around SMU (eg. Smoo Smoo) being dressed up in suits over the course of the week.
  • The purpose of this is to emphasise SuitYourself’s ability to create a perfect fit, regardless of shape and size. Since this is an unusual sight, it is likely to stimulate SMU students’ curiosity, hence increasing the likelihood of them sharing images of these objects on social media platforms such as on Instagram Story or Facebook Live.
  • A tag will be attached to these objects, with event details about ‘Cinderella’ to create publicity and buzz on social media for SuitYourself and also creates excitement and anticipation for ‘Cinderella’.


  • ‘Cinderella’ – A one day event held at Campus Green, where SMU male undergraduates will get to try on various suits of random sizes from SuitYourself (replicating the off-the-rack experience) and will stand the opportunity to win a free suit – if the suit tried on is well-fitted.
  • Upon wearing the suit, the student gets to snap photos with his friends at the photo-booth area. These photos will be uploaded on SuitYourself’s Facebook page subsequently, with participants identified and tagged to encourage post-event engagement. Additionally, Telegram stickers based on the photos taken will be created for the student to be used in his daily interactions with others.
  • An assessment of the suit’s fit on the student will be conducted by brand representatives. Brand representatives will educate participants on technical aspects of suits, such as colour coordination for suits and the different types of suits available.
  • The ‘Cinderella’ event aims to display its value proposition by illustrating the difficulty of finding a perfectly fitted suit from a branded off-the-rack suit shop. The intended result is to portray SuitYourself as innovative, fresh and fitting to the SMU student population. At the end of the ‘Cinderella’ event, SMU male undergraduates should be able to easily recall SuitYourself, and closely associate it with a good ‘Fit’ and ‘Quality’.


  • ‘Suit Up’ Pageant – In addition to ‘Cinderella’, an ongoing SMU-wide male pageant contest will also be held. The identified influencers from Strategy #1 (Emerge) will be invited to participate, along with all participants of the ‘Cinderella’ event.
  • Participants are to post a photo of themselves in a SuitYourself suit on their personal Facebook and Instagram accounts. Over the course of the week, participants can encourage their SMU friends and followers to ‘like’ and ‘share’ their posts. By ‘liking’ and/or ‘sharing’ the posts, these friends and followers will also stand a chance to win mini gifts, such as gift vouchers. Participants will also be encouraged to Instagram Story/Live their photos and videos to gain maximum attention and awareness. At the end of the day, posts that attain the highest number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ will win a complete professional makeover by SuitYourself along with photoshoot opportunities.
  • The ‘Suit Up’ pageant will increase brand awareness for SuitYourself.

Ultimately, Strategy #2: Elevate aims to create a strong brand experience, and consequently positive social capital for SuitYourself.

3. Engage

  • A points-based rewards system that rewards users for their continual engagement with SuitYourself’s social media platforms. Users are to sign up with SuitYourself on their upcoming e-commerce platform, and link their personal Facebook and Instagram accounts to the platform. Points can be earned by carrying out various social media activities, such as reviewing their SuitYourself purchase on Instagram, or sharing a SuitYourself Facebook post with their friends. Subsequently, points collected can be used to redeem complementary suit products.
Screenshot 2017-11-24 22.23.22
Mock-up of Points Reward System
  • Engage will lead to the creation of a community of brand loyal, willing advocates for SuitYourself who will act as endorsers for the brand. With a constant stream of positive mentions and reviews on social media, this helps SuitYourself to gain credibility and improve brand recall.

We also conducted a focus group with 8 SMU male students to test the effectiveness of our proposed strategies. Here are our key findings:

Screenshot 2017-11-24 22.29.07.png

They found Strategy #1: Emerge to be a fresh and practical solution to extend their brand outreach. This is because while SuitYourself has previously collaborated with student bodies and hired student agents to promote their services, influencers were never identified to be a part of the process. As such, there was limited reach for their messages.

For Strategy #2: Elevate, they found both ‘Suit Anything’, ‘Cinderella’ and the ‘Suit Up’ pageant to be a particularly creative and meaningful concept. Despite cost considerations, they expressed interest in potentially using this to build up hype in the lead up to announcing their physical store on SMU campus, if confirmed.

With the launch of SuitYourself’s e-commerce platform in the near future, SuitYourself indicated a strong desire to link their e-commerce platform with social media. Therefore, they identified Strategy #3: Engage to be able to provide the foundation for continued brand engagement. Moreover, they perceived Strategy #3: Engage’s ability to create a lifestyle ecosystem around the brand to be especially crucial in portraying SuitYourself as a thought leader in the suits space.


The 3 strategies proposed (Emerge, Elevate and Engage) have been specifically curated to match the social media behaviour and preferences of SMU male undergraduates. They have been designed to facilitate and encourage peer-to-peer as well as peer-to-brand interaction on social media. It is in hopes that these strategies will be able to effectively improve SuitYourself’s brand awareness and recall among SMU male undergraduates, and ultimately encourage a call-to-action purchase from this target audience when the need arises.

And…. that’s about it for our sharing, thank you for reading! 🙂



Group 2

(Fabian, Jia Min, Yeo Khee, Pearl)

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