G2 – Group 6: Wing Zone

Hi Everyone! 🙂 This is Group 6 and here’s a summary of our social media strategies for Wing Zone.

Introducing the mouth-watering Wing Zone…


Wing Zone is a casual-dining restaurant chain originally founded in 1991 in Atlanta, the United States of America, which later expanded to have franchises in other countries including Singapore.

There are currently 3 outlets in Singapore – Bugis, Buangkok and Paya Lebar.

Wing Zone prides itself in its ABC values:

American Heritage

Branding as “the only place where flavorholics unite”

Customization of flavours from its 15 unique award-winning flavours provided


Its current customer segmentation is as following:


Our recommended target segment for our social media campaigns would be students.


Students remain to be a highly valued segment as they have a high customer lifetime value, and their purchasing power is expected to increase once they enter the workforce.

It would be highly beneficial for Wing Zone to capture this segment of the market and to secure trial and create loyalty among the students before they graduate.


Social Media Situation:

Some statistics…


Facebook and Instagram are the main platforms leveraged by Wing Zone. Its likes and following may appear to be better than Wing Stop but it is lagging behind Wing Stop in terms of the engagement level on both Facebook and Instagram.


Interesting survey findings…

1. Low Relevance of Marketing in the Local Context4

To better understand customers’ current view point of Wing Zone’s social media, we asked customers questions based on the 3 major incentives for following Wing Zone’s social media.

We found that the factor “Relevance of Marketing in the Local Context” scored the lowest and is also very significant in determining customer satisfaction in social media.

Hence, we propose for Wing Zone to differentiate itself from Wing Stop by improving the relevance of its social media marketing. This can be done through creating promotions for local festivities, such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s’ Day and local football matches.


2. Low Brand Awareness and Trial

Wing Zone has the lowest brand awareness and trial among the 3 brands. This is not surprising since it is less established than the other 2 in Singapore and has limited accessibility.

As our recommended target audience is the students, we propose to attract students near the Bugis outlet from SMU, SOTA, NAFA and Lasalle, to try out Wing Zone.

This can be done through the “Zoning out in Class Campaign”, which seeks to generate hype among students.


3. Lack of Brand Perception as a “fun” brand


Comparing between Wing Zone and Wing Stop, Wing Zone is positioned further from the origin on the attributes “Fresh” and “Flavourful”. This reflects that Wing Zone trumps Wing Stop in these aspects.

Since Wing Zone brands itself as the place for “flavorholics”, being “Flavourful” is a potential point of differentiation from Wingstop.

Wing Zone is positioned behind Wing Stop in terms of “Fun”.

In line with the students’ consumer behaviour and Wing Zone’s value proposition, we propose to increase the brand perception of Wing Zone as “Flavourful” and “Fun”.


4. Confusion between Wing Zone and Wing Stop


There is often confusion between Wing Zone and Wing Stop due to the similarity in their brand names and offerings. We found that almost half of these respondents could not differentiate between the 2 brands.


5. Lack of Awareness of its 15 Flavours


More than half of the respindents could not name beyond the 3 popular flavours, which as Honey Q, Liquid Gold and Smokin Q.

As Wing Zone’s large variety of flavours is its unique value proposition, we propose to increase the awareness of Wing Zone’s 15 flavours through the “Guess the Flavour” campaign.


Project Goals:

With our primary and secondary findings, we derive the project goals and strategies:

project goals


Social Media Strategies:

1. Calendar of Local Events – CNY, Valentines’ Day, Football Matches


We propose to improve the relevance of Wing Zone’s marketing in the local context through the three widely celebrated local festivities – CNY, Valentines’ Day and Football Matches.




Wing Zone has 15 flavors available. During the 15 days of Chinese New Year (CNY), Wing Zone will select a particular flavor as “Flavor of the Day” and create a post on its Instagram page to promote and increase awareness of its 15 flavors.


Valentines’ Day…


Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular events in Singapore, especially among tertiary students. We propose the idea of creating a special “Chicken Bouquet” inspired by viral posts of similar food bouquets that gained popularity on social media platforms like Tumblr and Twitter.

This “Chicken Bouquet” or a heart-shaped tin of chicken will be available as a special on the week of Valentine’s Day and can be delivered.

Similar to the Wing Zone menu, the flavour of wings can be chosen from any of Wing Zone’s 15 flavors. This could possibly garner many shares on social media.

Mass emails can also be sent to institutions such as SMU and SOTA to spread awareness about this campaign within tertiary institutions. Customers can order by filling in the Google Form provided:


Recipients are also strongly encouraged to feature their gifts on Instagram with hashtags like #WingZoneVDay to promote the limited-edition release of such a concept.


Football Matches…


The “Match-of-the-Week” Campaign will focus on the two most compelling matches each week featuring popular teams (eg. Liverpool and Manchester United).

Customers will be encouraged to vote on Wing Zone’s Insta-story poll about which team will win.

Each week, a customer who correctly predicts the winner of the chosen matches would get a “Party-Pack” (a 6-pax bundle) from Wing Zone.


2. “Guess the Flavour” Campaign


The “Guess the flavor” campaign aims to allow customers to explore the different flavors Wing Zone has got to offer.

As an incentive to drive participation, attractive rewards such as “3-months worth of Wing Zone vouchers” will be offered to winners.

The timeline for this campaign is one month, after which the answer to the question will be revealed and prizes are awarded to the top three winners.


3. “Zoning out in Class” Campaign


As the confusion between Wing Zone and Wing Stop has proven to be a common issue, we propose the “Zoning out in Class” campaign, which aims to generate hype among students, so whenever students see their friends zoning out in class, they think of Wing Zone.

To participate, one simply needs to take a picture of their friends “zoning out” in class or work, upload and tag their friends on Instagram and hashtag “#ZoneOutWingZone”.

Participants can visit any of Wing Zone’s outlets to collect their free chicken wings. Each participant can redeem 2 wings.


Goal Metrics:

From the recommendations proposed, our campaigns aim to:

  1. Increase Brand Awareness and trial by 10%
  2. Increase Net Promoter Score by 5%
  3. Shift Wing Zone’s position on the Brand Perception Map upwards and leftwards
  4.  Increase brand perception of Wing Zone as a “fun”, “unique” and “flavourful” brand


Wishing everyone all the best! 🙂



Group 6

(Nathanael, Jia Wen, Cheryl, Natasha, Emily)

SMS group photo


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