Facebook for Gaming Companies – G1

Hello there! So for my research project, I decided to ask the age old question, what is the business value of Facebook for companies in the Computer Gaming hardware and software industries? Getting to Know the Platform Firstly, I went through Facebook current popularity statistics. Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to provide its usersContinue reading “Facebook for Gaming Companies – G1”

G1: Group 2 – Bone Marrow Donation Programme (BMDP)

Hello everyone! We are Group 2 and we have chosen the Bone Marrow Donation Programme (BMDP) in Singapore as our organization. But first, what is BMDP? Well, BMDP is a non-profit organization that builds and manages Singapore’s sole registery of volunteer bone marrow donors. In addition to gathering potential donors and identifying each donor’s boneContinue reading “G1: Group 2 – Bone Marrow Donation Programme (BMDP)”