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    • Who you are (name, preferred name, year, school, major)
    • Why you chose this module
    • Something interesting about you

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  1. Hello everyone!

    This is my introductory post. So.. I’m Giselle, my friends call me Gi, you can too! 🙂

    I’m a Year 4 Political Science and Corp Comms student. I have no idea how I survived 4 years in SMU but I’m really glad to be graduating soooooon! I chose Political Science because I was very interested in International Relations and Foreign affairs, and I chose Corp Comms because I thought it would be supplementary to my primary degree!

    I took COMM346 because I needed to clear my T&E requirement (hahahaha), but also because social media is really the next big thing, and I guess it was timely to jump on the bandwagon. I guess one interesting thing about me is that I’m actually anti-social on social media because I think that social media usage on a personal level is rather self-absorbent…but I believe that it is a great business tool! So I’m more of a receiver of social media than an active user/generator.

    Ok if that is not interesting enough for you, here’s my second attempt: I just returned from a solo trip during the summer and if you are interested I’ll be happy to share some of my adventures with you!

    See ya’ll in class!


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  2. Bernadette Mortensen Avatar
    Bernadette Mortensen

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Bernadette. I am an exchange student from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. I am a 3rd Year and I major in Business and Marketing. I was born in Copenhagen and currently study there, however I have spent 9 years growing up in Singapore and 6 years in Helsinki, Finland. I decided to come back to Singapore and study at SMU because they offer courses that supplement my major back in Denmark, and I wanted to visit my family and friends that still live here. I also miss this weather whenever I go back to Denmark/Finland!

    I decided to enroll in COMM346 because I was curious to learn more about the concepts and theories behind social media. Furthermore, in the future, I hope to work in this field for start-up companies.


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    1. Thank you for your contribution to the class with in-depth discussions and interesting topics. I recall you already started your individual media case analysis according to the original guideline but now you chose the extended option for the assignment so you have to change the direction a bit. I am sorry for the confusion and please let me know what you’ve done already, Maybe I can help you out with tweaking them to make relevance to your changed option. Hope you enjoy the break!


  3. Siddhant Hiremath Avatar
    Siddhant Hiremath

    Hey guys!

    My name is Siddhant, but that can be quite a mouthful so just call me Sid ☺

    I’m from Mumbai, India, and I moved to Singapore when I received my acceptance into SMU, so I’m a full-time student here. The reason I moved to Singapore was because…well pretty frankly I was bored of studying in Mumbai (stayed there for 16 years), and I wanted to live abroad and immerse myself in a new country, live a new lifestyle and meet new people!

    I’m a year 4 Economics student with a second major in Finance. This class isn’t immediately relevant to either of my majors, however there our a couple of reasons why I chose to take it. Firstly, I needed another mod to clear T&E (lol), but more importantly, after two internships which heavily involved the use of social media, I realized that not only has it taken the world by storm in the last few years, but it will continue to play a large and significant role in our lives. As such, it is important to have some understanding of how it works, and how it can be exploited to maximize personal as well as commercial benefits.

    One interesting thing about me is that I am heavily passionate about Astronomy. So much so in fact that I was so seriously considering a career as an Astrophysicist, before Economics came along and jumbled up everything in my head.

    Few other interests of mine include dance, Manchester United and Game of Thrones 😀


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    1. Wow. Dance and football is not a common match, so intriguing 🙂
      Hope you enjoyed the class by far and have a great break!

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  4. Hello,

    My name is Jonathan, but you can call me Jon. I’m a Year 4 Accountancy student. Like about 99% of all accountancy students I am doing a 2nd major in finance because its just 3 more mods.

    I took COMM346 because I’m a social media recluse most of the time, but I recognize its importance as a business tool. I hope to learn more about social media in general.

    Interesting stuff about me: I teach/perform classical piano ( and I also do ad-hoc DJing ( I like playing magic: the gathering and PC games, my favourite PC game is starcraft 2. I’m a football fan and I follow a bunch of football leagues too.

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    1. Looks like you’re so talented in many ways. Your homepage is so fascinating! We have so many artists in our class.


  5. Hello guys!

    My name is Gustirani Amelia Retmono. Everyone calls me Rani for short. Nice to meet you all!

    I am a year 4 student majoring in Political Science and Marketing. I am Indonesian and has been living in Singapore for 8 years now.

    I chose to take COMM346 because, aside from the fact that it is one of the more interesting mods for T&E (yeah. honestly.), I really think this module is pretty useful especially in today’s context where the usage of social media has become unbelievably prevalent in our daily lives. It has evolved from merely a platform for socializing to become a marketing channel and source of revenue. So I thought, taking up the COMM346 not only will supplement my Marketing major, but also in Political Science. I am aspired to be a diplomat and hence, through this module, I hope to be able to gain knowledge on effective social media strategies to advocate my country – Indonesia to the world over the course of time.

    One interesting thing about me is, I love sports and arts at the same time. So while I can be manly and sporty at a time, I could be dancing and artsy as well. Best of both worlds 🙂

    Thank you!
    – Rani

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    1. Originally I am from the world of politics in a sense as I covered political news and interviewed a lot of politicians in S. Korea. Looking forward to see your individual project regarding Indonesian politicians’ use of social media.


  6. Hi everyone!

    I’m Xue Shan and I’m a year 4 student studying Accountancy and Finance (2nd major). Although this module isn’t directly related to my majors, I chose it because I thought it’ll be interesting to learn more about how social media is significant in business communications since it is so widely used by companies nowadays for various purposes. Also, since it’s my last year, I wanted to take a module that’s less about numbers and outside of my usual courses to learn something new.

    One interesting thing about me is that I like to travel, preferably to stay for a longer period of time in a country to really get to know the place and its culture. In year 1, I went to Warsaw, Poland for about 6 weeks to teach children as part of an AIESEC program and really enjoyed the experience!

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    1. AIESEC was also a very popular club when I was a university students. Great venue to interact with international colleagues. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in class 😉


  7. Hi everyone!!

    My name is Weina and I’m a Year 3 Sociology major in the School of Social Science. My second major is of course, Corporate Communications 🙂

    I chose Social Media Strategies because I feel that Social Media has been taking the world by storm in the past decade. I would really like to understand why this is so and also because I would like to explore the communications modules offered by SMU.

    When I was a freshman, I decided to take up sailing with SMU Sailing Club and have not regretted my decision ever since. I love sailing because besides technical skills, teamwork and strategy are essential as well. I’ve learnt a lot from Sailing and in all honesty, these skills are applicable both on sea and on shore in real life!

    Besides that, I absolutely enjoy baking. I read in my past time as well (but academic readings take up most of my time during the semester hahaha) and I love eating.

    Here’s to a great semester with all of you!


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    1. I appreciate your enthusiastic participation and questions that help us clarify the issues in class 🙂


  8. Hi there!

    I’m Sarah Ho, one of the “Sarahs” in the class! Don’t really have a nickname, so you can call me Sarah Ho 🙂 It’s all good! I’m from the School of Social Sciences and my two majors are Sociology and Corporate Communications.

    I chose this module because it would be interesting to know how to utilise social media to promote the interests of an organisation/company. Often, businesses/organisations think they know how to use social media effectively because it’s so easy to post something and get likes. However, to gain a competitive edge over others, businesses/organisations need to learn to use it strategically. I hope this course can teach me something about it!

    In my free time, I write a blog about travel and healthy eating. I’m also actively involved in public speaking in the Toastmasters Club at SMU and pursue my artistic endeavours at ARTdicted@SMU.

    Another interesting fact about me is that I am born on Halloween, which makes my birthday easy to remember 🙂

    Look forward to an enriching semester with all of you!

    Sarah Ho

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    1. Hi Sarah, Thank you for your thorough and genuine attention to class. Hope this course will be your fulfilling learning experience at the end.


  9. sarahwidjaja2013 Avatar

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Sarah Widjaja (another one of the Sarahs!), I’m a year 3 double degree student in Business and SoSci.

    I chose this class because I hope to one day launch my own online business with my sister, and I think SM Strat would be a great way to learn about how to market the business. This is especially relevant now that everyone is on at least one platform, so we can definitely use social media to reach a much larger market than through conventional channels.

    Some interesting facts about me are that I am a competitive athlete in CrossFit and Powerlifting, but ironically I am also a certified patisserie chef from Le Cordon Bleu 🙂 I obviously workout to eat!

    Sarah W

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    1. Thank you for your contribution through our class blog. I really enjoyed your posts and you always bring interesting perspectives on a topic!


  10. HI!!!!

    My name is Brenda, 1 of the 2 Brenda’s in class and 1 of the 7 Brenda’s in SMU… hahaha. I’m a year 4 Economics student with a second major in corporate communications.

    I chose this module mainly because I saw first-hand the huge importance of social media at my last internship and I figured this class would help solidify my understanding of social media and make it a more holistic one.

    While I am not currently enrolled in any CCA at SMU, I have always been playing sports in school like netball, swimming and tennis back in JC. I now mostly just go for runs and do a bit of cross-fit. I also game in my free time (most of the time)…..haha.

    I look forward to an awesome semester with ya’ll 🙂


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    1. Valdy Arianto Sunarya Avatar
      Valdy Arianto Sunarya


      My name is Valdy and I am a year 4 Accountancy student with a second major in Finance (no surprise). There are 2 main reasons I have signed up for our COMM346 class. One of the reasons is due to the T&E requirements that we must take prior to graduation. Another reason is because of the relevancy of social media in our personal and professional life.

      I am not sure whether it is an interesting fact, but I am currently learning Japanese language as an interest. Perhaps if anyone knows or has studied Japanese language before, can share with me more about your learning experience?

      I have enjoyed the class so far, and am looking forward to our upcoming classes and guests lectures and workshops.


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      1. Thank you so much for your questions through class blog, You always catch the points that I often missed during the class.
        And questions you’ve raised also benefit the whole class!


    2. I once was a crazy fan of StarCraft. In S. Korea there was an “e-sports league” in early 2000s where professional gamers compete fiercely for wining the league and fighting money.
      I like to thank your sincere attention to class all the time 🙂


    3. Hi Brenda, Really appreciate your cheerful attitude and willingness to support and care about other members in our class. I am very impressed! Good luck with your projects and let me know if you need any helps~


  11. Hi Guys,

    My name is Jake and I am a year 4 Economics and Finance student (I know right – such a typical combination. Haha).

    Honestly speaking, I mainly took COMM346 to clear my T&E requirement. Nonetheless, I do think that this module is one of the more interesting T&E modules offered. It is something that I have not been particularly exposed to in my fields of study. So this module would be an opportunity to broaden my horizon and expand my knowledge in general. Furthermore, I believe this module would be important especially with social media having such increasing influence on our daily lives.

    One interesting thing about me: I did my recent summer internship in Ghana, West Africa. I think not many people would imagine going to such a place, especially with the perception that Africa is generally an unsafe place to be in. But nothing could be further from the truth. At least for Ghana (it is one of the more stable nations in Africa), it was quite safe!

    Aside from my internship experience, I do enjoy reading sci-fi novels and watching anime/reading manga.


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    1. Yes, many people like to just rely on stereotypes of something without real experience or logical presumptions. I think many PPL misunderstand that many I got fined frequently or my behaviour would be very restricted as Singapore is sometimes called “The Fine City,.” The truth is I’ve never been fined and I don’t feel any more pressure in my routine life here in comparison to any other cities in the US and S. Korea where I used to live before.


  12. Hello class!

    I’m Chin Wen and you can call me Alyssa :). I am a Year 3 Business student, majoring in Marketing and am still deciding whether to take Corp Comm as a second major. I am taking COMM 346 as a business option. I was initially attracted to this module because of the magic word “strategies”. To me, it is not only important to know or be part of social media, but how to use it effectively. As we live and breathe social media every day, it is hard to not use it in both personal and professional life. At least for school project purposes, I hope to learn the various social media strategies so we can make better recommendations and justifications when proposing a marketing plan, instead of simply suggesting using the seemingly one-size-fits-all approach, i.e. getting celebrity bloggers like Xia Xue and Andrea Chong to build hype because they are popular, creating social media photo contests and using ineffective #hashtags #like #these #on #facebook #and #instagram just so because, you know, everyone’s doing it. Haha. So irritating right!

    From previous internship experiences at an advertising agency, a retail company, and an events company, I have witnessed the struggles of getting social media marketing right – from the planning, to execution, to measuring success. So after this course, I believe that our social media competency will be improved and we can use social media more strategically for school and for work.

    One interesting thing about me: I can take chilli/spicy food really well and I think ketchup is an uncool sauce. It’d be really cool if you think so too! 😀

    See y’all soon.


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    1. It seems like you already have built in-depth knowledge and insight about today’s social media envioronment on your own. We will review and discuss Andear Cheong’s story in W 9.1:) Hope to hear your insightful suggestions regarding social media crisis in our next meeting.


  13. annekewiltenburg Avatar

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Anneke Cecilia Elise, but I just go by Anneke.
    I’m an exchange student from the Netherlands (Vrije University Amsterdam) and I major in Information Sciences (my study back home is called Information, Multimedia and Management). I’m in my third year right now.

    I choose this course for several reasons. Even though I do not really use social media at all (I have an almost empty Facebook account, and that’s about it). I think that social media can be very useful for companies. They can use it to market and profile themselves in the way they prefer to on social media, and they might use the opportunity to analyse (big) date that can be obtained by social media websites.

    I think the most interesting thing about me right now is that I am on exchange to Singapore, while before I went on this exchange I had never left Europe. Furthermore, I really like music and with music I mostly mean (very) old music. Like from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Preferably being played on vinyl. I guess playing vinyl records on an old turntable (together with baking, since we sadly don’t have an oven in the apartment I’m currently staying at) is what I am missing the most from home right now. Maybe friends and family.


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    1. I am also a big fan of old school music 🙂 Sorry about uncomfortable seating during the exam. My miscalculation 😦


  14. Hi everyone!

    According to all my official documents my name is Graciella Ooijen, but I find that such an ugly mouthful, so I simply live by the name Grace. As my name probably already implied, I am not Singaporean, but an exchange student from the Netherlands, not tall and blonde though!

    I am in my third year of Information Sciences and Management at the Vrije University of the gorgeous city Amsterdam. This major is a combination of computer science for dummies and business administration and I believe that it lacks social media courses, which is exactly why I chose this course abroad. Due to the enormous number of contributors, social media has so much influence on the world. I am hoping to gain a thorough understanding of the computer-mediated tool and become a real connoisseur.

    Furthermore, I’m not sure if my interests interest you, but I am a real fan of photography and all other sorts of art. O, and baking! I enjoy trying out different cakes and pies with good company. Feel free to inform me with your recommended recipes of course!


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    1. Truth is you’re far taller than me 🙂 and that you look gorgeous, LOL.


  15. Hi everyone!

    I am Brenda Ting, a year 3 Business student majoring in Corporate Communications. I happen to be the other 1 out of 2 Brenda’s in this class and possibly yet another Brenda out of the other 7 in SMU Brenda Ng has mentioned haha.

    I took up Social Media to clear my T&E module, but I am also curious in learning more on managing social media for firms ever since I interviewed for a firm that deals exclusively with social media strategies. It’s also partly due to the fact that I used to think social media was easy until I tried it in work and realised that it was anything but haha, so I’m here to learn more about it formally! (:

    Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, baking (nowhere near a Le Cordon Bleu standard sadly), exploring and new genres of music. As a beauty fanatic, quite a bit of my free time is devoted to trying out new cosmetics and dolling up my mother for special occasions as well.

    Looking forward to a fulfilling semester with you all!

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    1. You are very girlish and feminine. I always appreciate your cheerful smiles and thorough attention to class 🙂


  16. Hello everyone!

    My name is Nina. Fun fact about my name is that it means “little girl” in Spanish.

    I’m a third year SMU Economics student with a second major in Corporate Communication.

    Prior to signing up for ‘COMM 346 Social Media Strategies’ module, I have always been fascinated by the evolution in communication channels that is now even further enhanced by the emergence of the social media. Hence, I would like to take up this module to help strengthen my technical knowledge about the social media hemisphere and also sharpen my communicating skills on an online platform. With the online platform getting more widely used by the general public in communication, knowledge in this domain hence becomes necessary and I am glad to be enrolled in this exciting module.

    During my leisure time, I like to play basketball and participate in community service projects. Recently, I am also interested in photography, both digital as well as the manual old-school film ones.

    Hope to get to know one another better and I am looking forward to attending ‘COMM 346 Social Media Strategies’ classes with all of you.

    Let’s have a great semester ahead! Cheers!

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    1. Thank you for your hard work Nina. Hope you enjoy relaxing time now~


  17. Hello everyone,

    I’m Gino. For the ones that even prefer a shorter name, you can call me ‘G’, since some of my friends back home call me like that sometimes. I’m an exchange student from The Netherlands and study in the capital city Amsterdam at the VU (Vrije Universiteit). The beginning of this semester at SMU is the start of my third year. I’m studying at the School of Business for one semester till December.

    I’m am interested in Social Media class and in general in Social Media because I believe it is a very powerful resource of reaching a lot of (different) people in a fast way. Since I’m a business student following marketing courses I’m especially interested in the marketing purposes. Since there are a lot of students with different interests I can also learn from their perspectives as well.

    During the stay of this semester I want to join a lot of CCA’s and actively participate in the Singaporean lifestyle. So far, so good since I had a different dish every evening. I can say that my stomach is in love with Sinapore. A well-known goal of exchange students is to travel a lot. I still need to see a lot of neighbouring countries. Feel free to tell me more about it. Maybe we can even travel together some time..

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    1. Hope you have a wonderful experience during your stay here.:)


  18. Hi everyone!

    My name is Cherie and I’m a year 2 student from LKCSB that hasn’t declared any major. I chose this module to clear my T&E requirement and to learn to be a more responsible social media user. I am currently part of SMU Broadcast and Entertainment (Events and Backstage Wing) and also Strategica.
    I am not sure if this is considered interesting but I like to play TCG (trading card games) such as Weiss Schwarz, Cardfight Vanguard and Chaos all of which is developed by this awesome Japanese company named Bushiroad. So basically most of my free time revolves around cards, board games and anime.

    Looking forward to interesting discussions in class!

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    1. I hope you enjoy our class activities just like a fun game! I will try to make it more interesting. 🙂


  19. Hi! My name is Si En but you can call me Sophie, because almost everyone does that now, and I believed that no one in SMU calls me by my given name. I’m currently a year 3 student in Business, majoring in Marketing.

    I chose this module as I thought that it would be interesting and that I could learn a lot from it. Given today’s world, social media is part and puzzle of almost everyone’s life, learning how to manage and utilize it will give us a strong standing in our future lives. I also wish to open my own restaurant/café in the future, and I do know that having a good strong social media can make a huge difference in how successful it can become. Also, I have recently started a blog (thanks to my friend’s encouragement), so I hope that readership do increase as well.

    Well… People who know me, knows that I am a girl who loves ducks a little too much. I love travelling and have travelled quite a bit. I have many hobbies such as sketching, reading, making videos, playing tennis, arts and crafts. I picked up crafting and drawing/sketching on my own, it is really hard to self-learn, but I enjoy doing them very much. See some of my drawings here:


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    1. Your blog looks amazing! You’er are very artistic and talented 🙂


  20. Hi everyone!

    My name is Pui Fang but feel free to call me PF 🙂

    I am a Year 3 Business student majoring in Corporate Communications and Information Systems Management. Many people literally balk at the mention of my second major, which is definitely not common, but I’ve decided to take the plunge (despite hearing about its horrors) and give it a shot.

    COMM 346 appealed to me as one of the most relevant courses given this day and age. Social media is something that we’re all familiar, and we have witnessed a fair share of businesses clamouring to jump on the bandwagon, some going unexpectedly viral and some failing spectacularly. Regardless, it is a fact that these platforms are fast becoming the future of communications, with an unparalleled ability to facilitate conversations between a wide range of audiences. This simply proves that a better understanding of the science behind all of this will allow businesses (and individuals) to maximise the potential of social media as a communication tool.

    One interesting thing about myself is my love for the arts, having been heavily exposed to various forms like dance, instruments and painting. Although I’m no longer pursuing them specifically, these are still things that I miss, and definitely hope to pick them up again!


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    1. Oh! you made really a bold move. Premanjali from Sythesio who was invited to our class was also majored in Corp. comm and information systems. She said it was challenging but now it’s paying off as what she did lies exactly in the intersection between information tech. and corp. comm.


  21. Hello everybody!

    My name is Ariel Kuo and I am a Year 3 Business student majoring in Corporate Communications and Organizational Behavior and Human Resources (OBHR).

    In this day and age, social media is starting to become exponentially popular and is a significant part of our daily lives. Although we consciously and purposely decide to engage in social media, sometimes we do not realize its unintended effects. For instance, it may generate specific kinds of mindsets and behaviors. For this reason, I believe that it is extremely important to understand the functions and theories of social media, so that we can all become much more aware of our own actions as well those around us.

    An interesting thing about me is that I was really named after Ariel, the Disney princess. When my mom realized how much I loved The Little Mermaid, she randomly asked if I would also like the name ‘Ariel’. Only 6 years old at the time, I subconsciously nodded yes. A few days later, the name officially appeared on my passport 🙂

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    1. What a lovely name 🙂 I always appreciate your participation and useful questions for the class.
      Thank you!


  22. Hello everyone!

    I’m Jun Kai, a 3rd year business management student majoring in marketing and corporate communications.

    I chose this course on social media strategies due to its practicality in today’s world. With businesses increasingly moving their marketing campaigns onto social media, learning about social media strategies would definitely be a useful skill to have.

    As for me, while I’m a competitive powerlifter, my interests lie more towards the side of reading (not course readings, obviously!) and eating rather than spending hours getting sweaty in a room full of rusty iron weights.

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    1. Wow, we have a gym class hero in our class 🙂 I wonder about how to keep cool body, actually I tried a few times, but ended up in failure : ( I always appreciate your thorough attention to class.


  23. Hello everyone! 🙂

    I am Jeannie and I am a Year 4 student in the School of Social Sciences. I am majoring in Psychology and Corporate Communications.

    Honestly, like what some of us shared, I took COMM346 to clear my T&E, but also because it’s a comms module that looked interesting and appealed to me 🙂 But on top of that, being in this generation and age, social media is a big part of our lives, mine included and I would love to learn how this communication tool can be best used to meet business/organisational objectives.

    Other stuff about myself – I like to watch videos (Korean dramas, variety shows, vlogs, funny videos etc), sometimes read when I have the time to and especially love going to KTV to destress (haha) 😀

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    1. I also watch Youtube videos to relieve my stress.:)


  24. nandhithahari2012 Avatar


    My name is Nandhitha.

    Why did i join this class?

    I am so eager to join this class because I want to gain an understanding of how social media can be leveraged to promote products and services. This is important to me because I am an aspiring singer and want to be world-famous someday. In the entertainment industry, it is all about how you position yourself to your audience and market yourself effectively to gain maximum outreach for your creative expression. I also want to create a new social media platform for performing and visual artists globally. I want to give a platform for all the artists in this world who are yet to receive the limelight. After all, not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere (Ratatouille, 2007).

    What is interesting about me?

    I love singing and performing. I love to tinker with technology. I managed to jailbreak my iPhone 6 which met an untimely end in a watery grave (dear Nandhi’s iPhone 6 aka Sir Stevenus Jobicus, you are sorely missed). I wear my heart on my sleeve. I recall i once served rice seasoned with soap bar shavings to the person who teased me of being short.

    Here’s to a fantastic semester with the best class in this university!

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    1. Thank you Nandhitha for your enthusiastic participation in class. And sorry about cutting your question after the guest lecturing by MBS due to time contraints. Your questions are always welcome please email me or use our class blog at anytime. Hope you have a great break!


  25. Hello!

    I am Jia Yin, or you can call me Janelle. I am from SOE and in my final year of studies.

    The reason for choosing COMM 346 is because I find social media a paramount tool in today’s digital age, and thus would like to understand how to leverage social media for a firm’s strategic benefit. I believe the knowledge would be useful to my future career as most organizations today employ some forms of social media strategies in their course of business.

    One thing interesting about me is that I took Japanese as my third language during O Levels. I am looking for people who can practice speaking the language with me as my conversational skill has grown rusty over the years. 🙂

    Cheers and see y’all in class

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    1. I am very impressed by your meticulous learning during our meetings and really appreciate that you raised questions for clarification. The whole class has benefited 🙂 Thanks a lot and have a great break!


  26. Hello everyone!

    My name is Charmain. I’m a Year 4 Social Science Student, majoring in Political Science and Corporate Communication. I chose these two majors because I enjoy writing and learning about world politics and I think they complement each other very well. I’m taking COMM346 to clear my my corp comms mods as well as T&E. By the end of the course, I hope I can learn meaningful ways to use social media to benefit businesses and the society, and learn about other social media platforms that I have not heard/ used before.

    Something interesting about me – I’m a fan of Korean variety shows Running Man and The Return of Superman. I also enjoy travelling, photography and eating, especially Japanese and Korean food! I just came back from exchange in Japan and I really had an enjoyable time there 🙂


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    1. My 9 years old son is also a big fan of the Return of the Superman 🙂 His favorite cast in the show is Min Gook among the triplets. He said he’s so cute and smart. I am wondering if you are feeling the same haha.


  27. Hi everyone, I am Melissa but you can call me Mel!

    I am a Year 4 Sociology and Corp Comms major. Still getting used to the fact that it’s my final year actually (definitely mixed feelings about graduating in a year)!

    I chose this module mostly to clear my T&E requirement, but I also believe that Social Media Strategy class is going to be very beneficial — with regards to learning how to harness the full influence of social media in this day and age. I hope to better understand how social media is used, and how data in social media can be analysed to bring about value to a business or organisation.

    Some facts about me: I am very passionate about music and singing! And one of my goals this semester is to learn how to play the harmonica. Hahaha.

    Looking forward to a great semester with you guys!

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    1. Hope this module helps you get better prepared for your future career 🙂


  28. anastasiasetyadi2015 Avatar

    Hi all, I’m Anastasia. Many friends call me Ana (for simplicity I suppose lol), and if you’d like, you can too 🙂
    I am a year 1 Accounting student.
    I chose COMM346 module as I find the concept of social media and all its uses and harms very interesting (and fatal of course). I want to gain more in depth knowledge about the mechanism behind it and the theories on which it lays upon. And thus, I hope to avoid using the social media in any irrelevant manner be in on a personal level and perhaps corporate (once I start working maybe? :p)

    About myself, I was born in Indonesia, then moved to Singapore with my big sister 5 years ago to study here (through some miraculous opportunities given to us that I feel so thankful for 😀 ). It s been adventurous to live here on our own, supporting each other’s back; and sometimes quite a homesick (especially about the Indonesian food :3 :3) Oh yea I m also a frantic fan of Formula 1~~ (even though I haven’t gotten any chance to buy tix for the night race >.< so exp!)

    Cherios everyone,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you made a really bold move in taking this course although you are year one. It might be challenging but will pay off as you work harder!


  29. Hi friends,

    I am Geraldine Ong, people call me Geraldine or Gi. I’m currently in Year 4, School of Business, majoring in Finance and Corporate Communication.

    I chose this module because social media is very prevalent in our lives and I believe strongly in the power of communication in relationship or to influence someone in his/her perception towards things. Currently I am photographer for an organization and these photos are used on social media platforms like Instagram, Blogs etc. Through this class, I hope to be able to learn the techniques on how to craft more effective messages for online platforms and also learn theories and principles that will aid me in creating a better virtual identity, which in turn help me in my current job.

    Something interesting about me is that at the age of 21, I learnt how to drive before I learnt how to ride a bike. Also, I believe in leading not just a successful but also a significant life.

    Looking forward to this enriching class experience! (:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like you have a wonderful social media experiece and already built a significan level of social media competency. Hope to see you share more about the content creation/crafting strategies and skills based on your experience with our class both in class and through the blog. Enjoy your break~


  30. Hi!

    I’m Yun Shan, a year 3 business student taking double majors in Marketing and Corporate Communications. I chose to take this module as I have worked with social media in my past two internships, at Epigram Books and Micepad respectively, and want to use this opportunity to further my knowledge of social media with the theories and strategies that I can learn from this course.

    Something interesting about me is that I am currently wearing a leg brace due to an ACL tear sustained during a climbing competition in the summer. Prior to the injury, I could do 20 men’s pull-up (wasted, I know). Right now, I am taking a backseat in competitive climbing and am a freelance writer for Micepad. Feel free to check out my articles here: I’m always on the lookout for new things to write about, so do hit me up if you know of any writing opportunities! 🙂

    Yun Shan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great stories, Yun Shan! And happy that you are no longer in a leg brace. Hope you get fully recovered from the injury soon. I would like to see you sharing your expertise in online content creation with the class more 🙂


  31. Hello everybodeh! I’m Li Shyan (you can call me Shyan) – probably the only “Year 5” in this class. Like almost everyone else who did 4.5yr, I took LOA for internship too! My major is in Finance (Wealth Management) and Marketing btw, although I’ve taken other Comm modules to satisfy my interest before I’ve decided to declare my major =)

    I did Social Media & Content Management and I had a blast of a time winning a pair of return tickets to any scoot destination cos our prof is someone from Scoot and she had us go through a mini competition as part of project req so ya (a mouthful). This ties back to why I wan took this course (on top of it being able to clear as part of T&E), cos it really is a growing area worth looking further into.

    Something interesting about me – I have an interest in car drifting and motorsports. For those who have no idea what drifting is, if you’ve watched Initial D before, yes that is it. See ya’ll in class and we can talk about life haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your meticulous checking in with me about what’s going on in the class! Looks like you also enjoy fabulous life as a motorsports lover!


  32. Hi! My name is Jolyn, I’m a year 3 business student majoring in Finance. I chose finance because i couldn’t find an interest in any other business areas in the first two years of my SMU life, but I recently gained an interest towards brand management and event management areas so I may consider switching my major in the near future!

    I chose this module because I was balancing out the modules I’m taking this sem with a more qualitative and content mod, since I was taking mostly finance and quantitative mods. and I was interested in trying out a Comms mod and I thought, why not social media since it’s such a big part of my life anyway! I’m literally on instagram every minute and constantly whatsapping & telegramming through out the day! it also happens to clear my T&E mod too!

    Something interesting about myself is probably, that dance takes up a huge portion of my life! I normally dance every night, even on the weekends. I’m a member of eurhythmix in SMU and I also attend dance classes externally at Oschool, which is located at Scape, and Recognize studios, which is located at Orchard Central. They are both located just around the area and so its really convenient for me to attend after school everyday!


    1. No wonder you’re in such a fabulous shape! I believe dancing helps you stay healthy too.


  33. Hi friends, my full name is Juliane Benedict Djafar. I am a Chinese Indonesian but I have been here since I was 5, so I’m technically a Singaporean already?! LOL, but I am a Permanent Resident and my dad loves Singapore so much that he cannot wait for me to be converted?! Anyway, you can call me Ju, Ben, Juben, Juls or whatever you like but prolly not Djafar la huh HAHA!!! 😀 I am a year 4 student and I am majoring in Psychology & Corporate Communication!

    I chose Comm346 because it can double count as a T&E module also, don’t lie I am sure most of you too, right? K jokes aside, as an active Instagram user myself, I am really keen in finding out the underlying patterns and fads which make a Social Media account popular and successful. I find it very useful especially for start-ups if you are keen on starting your own business and being your own bosses!!!

    Sorry that I use this for every introductory thingy if some of you heard it before, but I can say the Peter Piper tongue twister in about 4 seconds? (No, I am not bragging, I have been practicing it years & years now). And I’ve been told that I get excited pretty much by anything & everything! So I guess I really am an enthusiast WOOHOO! Okay I need to calm down, see you all in class and have a great semester ahead, CHEERS!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are always cheerful! I’m so curious about your tongue twister 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  34. Hi guys,

    My name is Ziwei but you can call me Sara.

    I am a Year 3 Sociology student but I was previously in Psychology and Arts & Cultural Management before I dropped them all~! (lol dont ask)

    I chose this mod because… surprise surprise it clears my T&E requirement!! I am also one of the “laggers” in the diffusion of innovation curve lol i.e. I don’t want to try new things until I have to or am made to. (I was still using a blackberry until the end of 2013 so instagram is only 2 years old in my consciousness.) Hence, i took this mod to learn more about this social phenomenon that I cannot fathom. By the way, one of my friends from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information did a video on Instagram for her school project titled “How to be Instagram Famous” Do check this video out if you have about 6 minutes to spare:

    Anyway, something interesting about me… I am a pretty avid traveller? I’ve been to Kenya! If that is interesting enough. Also, I want to be a polyglot among other things but you know how the standard argument goes: too many things to do, so little time!

    See y’all in class.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so brave! I would like to visit Africa someday too 🙂 Later I hope we can talk more about your travel exprience.


  35. Hi everyone!

    My name is Elizabeth. I’m a year 4 Social Sciences student majoring in Political Science and Corp Comms. I’m sorry it took me this long to introduce myself. I was feeling like a hermit crab because prior to this, I have never blogged before.

    I chose COMM346 because I want to learn more about managing social media platforms from an organisational perspective. Since the range of social media tools has grown to be so extensive & varied, I believe that it is something we can no longer ignore in the field of communications. I hope that through this module, I can develop my social media competency and be confident in helping my future employers utilise social media to progress their goals.

    Something interesting about me – I recently came back from exchange at Korea University. I love the country (and it’s idols) and really miss my late night karaoke sessions and barbecue buffets. Still, I’m pretty glad to be back in Singapore, and look forward to an exiting semester ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I miss S.Korea exactly for the same reasons 🙂 I liked late night Karaoke too.


  36. Please comment on this post with a little introduction of yourself!

    Who you are (name, preferred name, year, school, major)
    Why you chose this module
    Something interesting about you

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Jingfang, but you can call me by my initials “JF” if you are not too sure how to pronounce it (don’t worry, you’re not the first)! I am a year 4 student from the School of Social Sciences, majoring in Political Science and Corporate Communications.

    Despite having Facebook and Instagram accounts, my interaction with social media is limited and often passive in that I mainly share or browse content from other users. What really piqued my interest in social media is my exposure to related fields during my internship at an eCommerce firm – social media is multi-faceted and full of possibilities! I am really interested in how businesses use social media to communicate with stakeholders and manage reputations. (But honestly who am I kidding, I’m taking this mod ’cause I just really needed to clear my T&E requirement…..)

    I don’t think I’m an interesting person, particularly because I stick to things I like too much to try new things or sports. I have been doing Judo for almost 10 years now (I know I don’t look like I do haha) and am pursuing a coaching certification. It is a sport that I truly believe in and enjoy.

    That’s all about me 🙂 Feel free to talk to me to get to know me better! See y’all in class!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Judo sounds very challenging. I always envy those who are strong and athletic. Strong mentality comes from strong body and physical endurance I guess. I believe your challenge will make you a strong girl as well as an attractive and interesting person.

      Liked by 1 person

  37. Hi Everyone!

    I’m Magdeline, and my friends usually call me Mag 🙂 I’m a Year Two student from School of Economics, with Econs as my first major. I chose this module because i found it to be relatively interesting due to our heavy usage and dependency on social media, so.. I hope to learn more about the theories behind this tool.

    I love singing & baking! 😀

    Cheers & see you all in class!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mag, I hope this course helps you get better able to manage your social life!

      Liked by 1 person

  38. My name is Celine. I’m an exchange student coming from belgium (a small country, famous for its chocolate). I’m also a year 5 business engineering student ( these studies only exist in Belgium, we are a small contry, so we find some ways to differentiate ourself)
    Like my generation, I live with social media which are ubiquitous, but despite this strong relationship with social media, I, as a young adult, am aware of only a few opportunities that are offered by them. My university in Belgium, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, is more focused on analytical skills such as physics, finance and accounting rather than marketing and communication. This class would be an opportunity to enhance my skills on these subjects. At the end of the exchange I will do an internship in a new subsidiary of a Belgian advertising network. It has been founded 3 years ago so one of my mission will be to boost its awareness. . I really hope to be able to apply what I learned this semester in the reality (even if the belgian environment will be less exotik).

    One interesting thing about me is, I love aquatic sports, I begin to swim at 4, then to dive at 13 and since last year I’m enrolled in a swimming dance club!:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your serious participation in class. You always raised interesting questions and bring insights to the class. I really appreciate it. Have a great break!


  39. Hi everyone,

    I’m Mark, and my name can’t really get any shorter than that so you can just call me Mark :D! I’m a year 4 Psychology and Comms student and i guess i’m a little sad that i won’t have another Summer break once i start working. I chose Psych because I found what was taught to be very relevant to daily life. As for communications, I actually enjoyed management comms and foundations in corporate comms as modules.

    I took this module because I noticed how some brands and companies are shaping up their social media image and influence based on the fact that we spend so much time on social media. I’m thinking it would be interesting to see what tricks companies have up their sleeves when utilising social media.

    I love almost everything related to basketball and I play basketball quite a lot. If you ever want to talk about basketball, shoes or just sports in general you could just come look for me and we can talk. I guess another interesting thing about me would be that i really really really don’t like birds. Sparrows are fine, but once they get as big as crows, then it just freaks me out a bit.

    Alright, see you all in class!

    Mark Lim

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was impressed by your big passion about sports! Hope to see you individual project regarding that topic.


  40. Hello everyone! (Better late than never)

    My name is Valerie. I am a year 4, social sciences student, and my majors are Psychology and OBHR. I am taking this module because i am interested to learn more about the concepts and ideas that go behind social media, and how we can use it to our advantage.

    Something interesting about myself- I foster puppies for Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD), an Animal Welfare Group in Singapore ( I take many pictures and videos of my foster pups when they are with me, and share them on my FB, but my friends always ‘complain’ that I post too many ‘dog stuff’ on my page, so I decided to set up a page to market my foster pups; to find them their forever homes. My page started off as “Sunny the Pup”, I basically named it after one of my foster puppies, but after that pup got adopted, and i didn’t want to discontinue the page, so I changed its name to “Joy of Fostering”

    So, if you are looking to foster or adopt a dog, you can always look for me! 🙂

    Valerie Chua

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you are working for a great cause in your real life as well as social media attendance. I always admire animal lovers and animal rights activists for their genuine effort to care about deserted lives. Thank you for sharing the site!


  41. Carissa Melina Suantio Avatar
    Carissa Melina Suantio

    Hi guys!

    I am Carissa Melina Suantio from LKCSB majoring in Finance and Marketing. You can call me Carissa. This is gonna be my last year in SMU, which gives me a mixed feeling.

    Anyway, I take this course because I think social media has a very big impact to my life. The moment I wake up I scrolled through Instagram or FB feed and I go to bed after watching Buzzed food video. So I hope from this course, I’ll not only be a consumer but I’ll also know how to make a good content.

    Something interesting about me is that I really love performing acts. I performed as an actress, singer and dancer for three years. But that’s the good old days of freshman year. Not so sure how I find all the time to do CCAs and stuff.

    See you all

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your enthusiasm for the class. Your questions benefit the whole class as well as myself as they help us to clarify the topics and content we cover. Have a great break!


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