Case: handling negative WOM- DELL HELL to DELL HUG

Question from the students’ feedback- “More real life examples based on the theory being discussed. E.g., if a company want to prevent bad WOM by contacting the customers personally what real life examples are there? How did the company handle these kinds of problems?”
My answer-The Dell Hell case would be a good example of this (June 2005).

“An irate blogger by the name of Jeff Jarvis lambasted the company for poor customer service. Within hours, hoards of consumers who were in agreement with his claims posted comments on Jarvis’ blog as well as their own blogs or forums. The company remained in the doghouse for months after failing to address the discontent properly in cyberspace; however, employees and executives finally joined the online conversation and reached out to the bloggers…..”

In the end, they turned the situation around from DELL HELL to DELL HUG.
See this video for more detail.

Published by KyuJin SHIM

Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication Lee Kong Chian School of Business Singapore Management University

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