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32 responses to “Individual Projects Short Blurb!”

  1. Hi guys! I’m doing a media case analysis on Recognize! studios, an urban dance studio located at Orchard Central. I chose to analyze a dance studio because I am a dancer myself, and I attend their classes & events. I also follow their social media on the 3 platforms that I have analyzed.
    As a regular and follower, I am well-informed of what is going on most of the time. I thought it would be interesting to analyze their content & behaviour & also suggest how they could improve & leverage on something that their very specific target audience (dancers) are inclined & drawn towards – Visual Marketing.

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  2. Carissa Melina Suantio Avatar
    Carissa Melina Suantio

    Hi everyone! My media case analysis is on Facebook and my resources are: Singtel, Starhub, and M1. The three big telcos in Singapore! I find it very interesting because the industry itself is very saturated so the only way for any one of them to grow in Singapore is by “stealing” other’s market share. Using the theories learned in class, I hope I can come up with strategies on how to revitalise M1 brand through its Facebook use!

    Looking forward to see everyone’s analysis!


  3. Hi Prof and class. My individual presentation is on the use of Instagram among art museums in Singapore. As a matter of fact, art museums are now seen to increasingly venture into the territory of Instagram with the aim to raise more awareness of their museums and programs.
    What inspires me to study this interplay between art and Instagram is my experience of interning at a museum before, whereby I have learnt how vigorously Instagram has been employed in the communication strategy of my museum, as well as of other museums in Singapore and across the globe. I believe dissection of the current engagement of Instagram in interaction with the audience and the effect it produces will facilitate an understanding of how well Instagram helps to build up the reputation of the museums, through which we can refine our use of Instagram for museums.


  4. HIIIIII!!! I’m doing a media case analysis on Nike. As a user of a variety of Nike products, I was naturally inclined to choose this firm for the project because I have been following them on most social media platforms for a while now. For this project, I have chosen to focus on their use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    I hope I’ll be able to share some insights that you guys aren’t aware of about Nike and their use of social media when I present next week!


  5. Siddhant Hiremath Avatar
    Siddhant Hiremath

    Hey everyone!
    I’m doing a media case analysis, and i’m gonna be looking at Mentos Singapore’s use of social media across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The reason I chose Mentos is partly because of the wave of awareness they created with the 2012 National Night campaign, and partly because i’ve been following them on Facebook and their posts always seem quite interesting.
    Anyway I did come across one completely unexpected finding, but hopefully my suggestions could help remedy that.


  6. Hey peeps!

    I will be touching on the social media platform – WeChat. WeChat has tons of functions and great potential for entrepreneurs and small businesses to leverage on… but many of us are not aware of it given that it is not as popular in Singapore.

    I am excited to share the many exciting features that WeChat offers to users and I hope that my of content strategy recommendations can help my selected local entrepreneur to improve their Social Media presence through WeChat.

    See ya’ll in class 🙂


  7. Hi everyone,

    My media case analysis is on Google+, which is a social media platform launched by Google in 2011. My 3 sources followed are H&M, TOMS and Uniqlo and my presentation will be about how these 3 apparel companies, with different business strategies and target customers, leverage on Google+ to achieve both marketing & PR goals. H&M is currently the most successful in terms of engaging its followers while Uniqlo is the weakest. I will be comparing these 3 companies’ social media strategies on Google+. Lastly, I have created 2 sample posts for Uniqlo which will hopefully help it to increase engagement and followers.


  8. Hey guys! I’m doing the media case analysis on the Instagram accounts of Nike, Adidas and Under Armour. Since I’m a huge fan of basketball, I decided to solely focus on the basketball Instagram accounts of each brand (@nikebasketball, @adidashoops, @uabasketball). There are interesting differences in the way these brands market themselves through Instagram and I intend to highlight them and show you what works and what doesn’t. Since Under Armour is the newest player in the basketball scene, I’ll be giving some suggestions to help them market their basketball brand image. See you all next Thursday!


  9. Hello Everyone 🙂

    I’m analysing the Twitter of Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Higa, for my media case analysis (non-profit). Well, my choice of sources are rather different (individual figures instead of companies/organisations) as I think it would be interesting to look at how these different figures use Twitter to achieve each of their individual goals.

    As social media is commonly used as a platform to create awareness, increase popularity and engagement, hence, my research objective is how these different figures could learn from each other to facilitate them in expanding user reach and increase user engagement through Twitter. Hope that does not sound very complicated.

    Interested to know more? Find out during my presentation. The lesson learnt might be useful for you too 🙂


  10. Hi everyone!

    I’m doing a Media Case Analysis of SPCA across Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. I am actually a volunteer in SPCA and I feel strongly about them, hence I really want to help them improve their communication or give some inputs. Prior to this I have also met up with the communication director and education director to understand the direction that they wish to go into as well as understanding the challenges that they face. As SPCA is relocating, they are facing monetary challenges, as well as manpower issues, as due to the isolated new location, many volunteers are predicted to leave. Hopefully whatever I have proposed and shared with SPCA will help them improve their situation. 🙂

    Sophie Ow Si En


  11. Hello all, I am doing a media case analysis on Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD), across three platforms- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I chose this organisation because i have been volunteering there for almost three years now, and as social media is one of the platforms they use to reach out to their potential adopters/fosterers/donors etc., I hope to be able to shed some light on their use of social media, and how they can improve on it to maximise the potential of each of the platforms they use.


  12. Hi everyone, my media case analysis is on a Japanese company named Bushiroad and the plaforms are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I won’t touch a lot of the 3 social media but I would like to share on a blogging/e-commerce platform they use called Mirai Gaia. The main reason I chose this company is because I’m a supporter of their events and card games. I hope to be able to share some insights on their success in various campaigns that they have over the recent years.



  13. Hi everyone,

    My presentation is going to explore how furniture stores can make use of Facebook to facilitate brand engagement and build brand community. I have selected Ikea, Courts and Harvey Norman because the responses for their Facebook posts vary greatly. I will cover what the companies have done well and what needs to be improved on. In addition, I will also suggest two strategies to better Harvey Norman’s use of Facebook since the average number of likes per post is less than 10 currently.

    I hope you will find it interesting to see how brick and mortar stores are going online with an increasing use of social media.




  14. Hi everyone! I’m doing a media case analysis on a nonprofit organisation, TED, which is widely known by many. I chose to work on TED because I am a big fan of TED videos because of its vast array of topics that are interesting and informative and delivery by engaging and knowledgable speakers. I will be analysing the organisation’s use of social media on platforms like Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Incorporating class content as well as teachings by our external speakers, I will be proposing content strategies that would help TED to achieve greater engagement and generate traffic for its site.


  15. anastasiasetyadi2015 Avatar

    Hello Prof and friends 🙂 I have done a blog titled As the name suggests, the blog comprises of information and various animations on managing wastes as well as saving energy. In my blog I focused on serving viewers with more visually appealing posts such as videos, posters, and bits of articles. To be more specific, most of the posts include easy and creative ways to recycle wastes and conserve energy.
    I selected this issue because of its high relevance and applicability to our daily lives. Besides, the issue of wastes and energy crisis are also receiving global attention.
    Through this blog, I am not hoping to exert any form of global impact. Yet, I hope to be able to provide information to those surrounding me with regards to reducing wastes and save more energy for their own benefits 🙂


  16. Hi everyone!

    I’m working on a media case analysis on Blogilates, a social engagement – turned – business empire started by a Pilates instructor named Cassey Ho. She started out by being a regular instructor after a keen interest in Pilates since her college days, and after her gym bag designs for her students began to gain popularity, she quit her job to teach and design full time, all whilst she uploaded Pilates videos to youtube which made her popularity explode.

    I chose her mobile app, Youtube and her website as platforms for analysis in my presentation but I will be touching on other parts of her social media strategy as she is really extensive! She does an amazing job and she’s highly proficient in social media as a social influencer, so I will be touching on that and how I think she can perhaps keep up with this progress.

    As an avid fan since 2011 and someone who feels strongly about body positivity, I am really honoured to be able to share the stories of one of my role models with you (: Looking forward to sharing this with you guys in class!


  17. Hi everyone!
    I am doing a media case analysis of businesses on Facebook. I have chosen 4 businesses to focus on: Gentle Bones, The Sam Willows, Emirates Airline, and Singapore Airline. What I wanted to find out was what exactly youths are doing right on social media because they seem to instinctively know how to utilise these sites effectively (and hence the analysis of our local music entrepreneurs Gentle Bones and The Sam Willows).I wanted to see if such “instincts” can be translated into insights and real applications, specifically for businesses in terms of brand engagement. Emirates and Singapore airlines will then be compared according to the insights, and content will be proposed for Singapore Airlines as they are relatively less effective on Facebook than Emirates in terms of brand engagement.

    I hope y’all will enjoy my presentation! I am looking forward to everyone’s presentations as well!


  18. Hi everyone, I’m doing a media case analysis on a YouTube Content Creator/Beauty blogger, Jenn Im. For those of you all who have not heard of her (same on you, I’m kidding) do check her out (you’re welcome). She is a Korean American, based in Los Angeles. She first started her YouTube career around five years ago with her college friend, Sarah and since then I have religiously watched every of her YouTube video. Till today, I am still amazed at how her subscribers have grown to such a large community now, which is why I’m so excited about this project. Honestly, I was very happy and thankful that Prof did not limit our choice of organization and this project has made me understand her social media presence at another level. Regardless of this project, I can safely say that I will still continue to check out her Social Media efforts consistently, but ever since I took this module it has made me analyse and evaluate her social media efforts from a new or (somewhat more critical, if you’d like) perspective. For my presentation, I would be bringing you through an analysis of her Instagram, YouTube and her Mobile App (which was launched not long ago). As a loyal fan of Jenn Im (if I do say so myself), I hope to be able to propose ideas which would help bring her reputation and fame to even greater heights. So for my content strategies, I would be focusing largely on her “unique selling points” which have gotten her this far.

    P/S: Please bare with me though if you are not into beauty or fashion, I am sure her beauty would somehow still interest you haha, thanks class! 🙂


  19. Hello everyone,

    I’m doing a media case analysis on Kitkat, and I will analysing their use of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. My research question will be looking at a) how Kitkat is using its social media platforms to listen to what loyal fans want; and b) using that knowledge, how can Kitkat build better relationships with fans to retain their loyalty.

    Tumblr is an interesting social media platform because it uses a mirco-blogging method that makes it easy for sharing shorter-length content and creating more online conversation. Not many companies have a Tumblr platform and I thought it would be interesting to analyze some of Kitkat’s tumblr blog posts and reblogs.

    The two pieces of original content I created revolves around mobile social games, which is in-line with Kitkat’s promotion of ‘gaming breaks’ and its tagline ‘Have a break, Have a Kitkat’.



  20. Hi guys!

    I will be presenting on SGAG for my media case analysis.

    SGAG is the most popular troll site in Singapore and is also commonly known as the Singaporean version of the world famous 9GAG. Just so you know, this online community is not run just for fun – it actually is in a social media business! Its business goal is to provide an avenue for advertisers to reach and engage with its target audience through hilarious social media content creation. To attract advertisers to engage their services, SGAG’s business strategy is to build a strong SGAG community and it has been very successful in doing so thus far.

    I chose this topic because its promotional content is so clever/funny/relatable/engaging – sometimes it is so seamless that people would not even realize that SGAG is in fact promoting a brand! The posts would appear like they are there just-for-fun, but all the laughter generation actually have PR/marketing benefits for advertisers.

    My goal for this individual project is to investigate SGAG’s success factors by doing social media monitoring (e.g. number of followers, nature of posts, frequency and volume of posts, style of engagement, likes/shares/comments/views, competition’s strategy) on 3 of its social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, company website for 2 weeks.

    Based on my data analysis, I will be recommending SGAG to increase its quality and quantity of content, as well as enhance its social media platform effectiveness, in order to grow and maintain a strong loyal community, which is in line with its current business strategy to optimize its business goal.

    Looking forward to share my research and proposed strategies with you. Stay tuned! 🙂


  21. Hi everyone!

    I am doing a media case analysis on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights non-profit organisation in the world. PETA aims is to stop animal cruelty by raising awareness and galvanising people into positive behaviours such as going vegan. I was pretty interested to learn more about their general marketing/PR efforts because PETA is notorious for its offensive ad campaigns that use sex, shock and shame to raise awareness. My research question is framed around such notoriety, as I resolve to find out how PETA’s use of social media fits in with its traditionally controversial ways of raising awareness (since social media is a platform for 2-way engagement and they can’t just keep throwing boobs and gore at everyone). While PETA is present on most mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook as Twitter, I will be analysing its use of Pinterest, Instagram and a blog. Based on my findings, I will attempt to answer my research question, briefly stated some areas where PETA is still lacking in, and develop original content to help PETA humanise its brand image and have deeper engagement with the public.


  22. Hi everyone!

    I am doing a media case analysis on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights non-profit organisation in the world. PETA aims is to stop animal cruelty by raising awareness and galvanising people into positive behaviours such as going vegan. I was pretty interested to learn more about their general marketing/PR efforts because PETA is notorious for its offensive ad campaigns that use sex, shock and shame to raise awareness. My research question is framed around such notoriety, as I resolve to find out how PETA’s use of social media fits in with its traditionally controversial ways of raising awareness (since social media is a platform for 2-way engagement and they can’t just keep throwing boobs and gore at everyone). While PETA is present on most mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook as Twitter, I will be analysing its use of Pinterest, Instagram and a blog. Based on my findings, I will attempt to answer my research question, briefly stated some areas where PETA is still lacking in, and develop original content to help PETA humanise its brand image and have deeper engagement with the public


  23. Hi everyone!
    I’ve prepared a media case analysis on Airbnb, following the organisation on the three major (and most common) platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    As a “shared-economy” type of organisation that has gained much attention over the recent years, I was interested in investigating how Airbnb was utilising its different social media platforms to support its business, and if it adopted different approaches for its different platforms. More specifically, my goal was to discover how effective Airbnb was, in exploiting each of these platforms in communicating information and engaging its users.
    I’ve identified some of the current strategies they’ve adopted, and also looked at a similar platform, Couchsurfing, for a quick comparison to effectively identify its strengths and weaknesses.
    Based on this analysis, I will be sharing some suggested strategies that are in line with Airbnb’s interested target audiences, overarching business strategy and current social media strategy. Hopefully these strategies will help Airbnb align its strategies to strengthen its new brand image! 🙂


  24. Hi everyone! I’m doing a Media Case Analysis on McDonald’s Singapore and I’ll be analysing their Facebook, Youtube and Instagram account. Although I am scheduled to present (the absolute) last, I am excited to share my findings with you all! Honestly, I chose McDonald’s because they had very comprehensive social media strategies to analyse. Interestingly, I found some key issues that McDonald’s are currently facing and tried to conceptualise social media strategies to help mitigate these issues. Hope I’ll be able to shed some insights!

    See you guys soon!


  25. Hi everyone,

    I have chosen the business media case analysis and have therefore analyzed the accounts of Wired, Paper magazine and People magazine on Instagram. My research question was “What factors influence news organizations’ Instagram usage?” My approach was to ask questions like what is the tone of voice of their posts and what can that be attributed to? After my conclusion I will show you my content creations for Paper magazine.

    See you tomorrow!

    Grace Ooijen


  26. Hello

    My project will be about the usage of Instagram as a marketing medium and analyzing its results on different target audiences.

    I will be focusing on Marina Bay Sands, W Hotel Singapore and Raffles Hotel for this project as the tourism industry in Singapore is rapidly expanding and these are some of the top hotels in Singapore.

    I will also prepare 2 sample online posts for Raffles Hotel to improve their social media strategies.


  27. annekewiltenburg Avatar

    Hi everyone,

    My media case analysis is based on the social media platform Instagram. The three companies I chose were Albert Heijn, Walmart and Fairprice. All of them are supermarkets, but in different countries. Albert Heijn is Dutch, Walmart is American and Fairprice is Singaporean of course. In my presentation I would like to see how each of these companies are engaged with their audiences through Instagram and which supermarket chain gets the best engagement from their customers.
    In the end I will show my two new content creations which can be used to post on Instagram to hopefully get more engagement.

    Kind regards,


  28. Media Case Analysis (Business) – Oreo

    Hi guys!

    My individual project is on Oreo’s social media strategy and my analysis is based on 3 of its social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Oreo is one of the few companies out there that is widely applauded for its social media performance, much less from a cookie company! It fascinates me how an unassuming cookie can have such immense appeal among children, youths and adults alike, and its social media efforts does have a significant role to this effect.

    My biggest takeaway from this project is how Oreo has utlilized its social media platforms to work individually, yet as part of a comprehensive ecosystem, with each serving a unique role. If you’re excited to hear more (hahaha), I will be presenting during the first session of week 12!



  29. Hello everybody! I chose the food and beverage industry for my business media case analysis. I decided to select The Daily Scoop, Merely Ice Cream, and Yogart as my three companies, and Facebook as the social media platform. After critical data analyses gathered from Facebook as well as the websites of each three cafes, it becomes evident that The Daily Scoop is using Facebook the most inefficiently and ineffectively. Therefore, I developed two strategies which will help increase its consumer engagement and action, as well as establish a strong brand community comprised of people who share the similar passion for desserts and enjoyable moments with friends and family!


  30. Hi everyone!

    I’m doing a media case analysis with Twitter as the platform, and three global fashion companies, namely H&M, Levi’s and A&F as my sources. When we first think of Twitter, we would think of words and text, whilst fashion is usually described through an image or picture. So how can fashion companies still make use of Twitter to effectively reach out to its customers? That is what I hope to answer through my presentation.


  31. Hi everyone,

    I am doing a Media case analysis on The White House. I chose it because I was intrigued at how Obama has a personal photographer (Pete Souza) who capture photos of him everywhere he goes to upkeep his social media platform. Through that, President Obama don’t seem like a far figure compared to other presidents. Furthermore, he is a President who first used social media. Thus, it will be interesting to find out what are the successful ways and perhaps Singapore’s President can also learn from it. I will be analysing Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

    Hope it will value add to the class.
    Thank you!


  32. Hi guys! I’ll be presenting a media case analysis on Chanel’s social media usage 🙂 Particularly, i’ll be touching on points like how they managed and sustained their reputation through their social media platforms.

    I found that Chanel is an interesting company to research on, as they are often seen to be very elusive and hence, it sparked my curiosity on how they conduct their interaction and engagement with followers on their platforms 🙂


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