Nina’s Media Case Analysis

Hi everybody, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you how #Facebook as a popular platform on social media has been widely utilised by many organisations to achieve their communication objectives. Different organisations have their specific communication objectives and each would use its own strategies to serve its own purposes.

I shall attempt to look into the education sector. Education has been close to the heart of many and at some point in our lives we would somehow come into contact with education matters, be it as a child growing up or as a parent, and thus we are all in one way or another familiar with the education sector. I choose the 3 different types of entities in education to analyse and evaluate whether each of these entities has effectively harness Facebook to achieve its aims. The three are: the Ministry of Education which is the driver of education policy, a Polytechnic and an individual blogger who is passionate about education issues. In my analysis, I shall make reference to the theories and discuss how appropriate the respective entities have been using Facebook optimally. In doing so, I will point out the weaknesses of the entity’s strategies for its communication and also suggest how it could have done better.

Hope you will enjoy my presentation tomorrow!



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