Group 6 – Swatch watch

Hello everyone! 🙂

Celine, Carissa, MJ, Valdy and I will bring you to the world of colours as we discuss about our choice of company for the project – SWATCH.

As most of us already know, Swatch is a Swiss-made watch, widely known for being artsy and colourful. With the large variety of designs and colours to choose from, there are Swatch watches for people of all ages and for every occasion. Leveraging on its advanced technology and signature plastic-based material, the colourful timepiece has positioned itself as a unique and affordable option for customers.

Upon looking at their social media, our group found out that in Singapore, Swatch has a very low follower engagement in their social media (mainly Facebook). Despite being the prominent key market in Asia, Swatch’s Singapore social media receives a relatively low engagement of likes and comments as compared to its close competitors. Furthermore, we acknowledged that there is a stringent competition from both the Asian and Western brands such as Casio and Ice Watch.

Realising these problems, what can we do to optimise brand engagement via social media platforms? Is initiating viral word of mouth an effective method to encourage engagement? Can we leverage on social media to attract more people to buy Swatch watch? Curious to know more? Look out for our presentation for #swatchyourlife #smusocialmediasingapore

Thank you.

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