Individual Project Clarification

Hi guys,

If you can remember, I presented regarding Gentle Bones + The Sam Willows v. Emirates + Singapore Airline. There were some points that I couldn’t go through during the presentation, and they weren’t included in text on the powerpoint file so I thought this post might serve to clarify the content of some of the slides, which might not mean anything on its own!

Regarding the third problem I have identified with SQ, that is print readership is falling yet print media is actually SQ’s main advertising ground. The justification is that SQ generally targets business-travellers and wealthier customers who are not the most obvious trollers of social media sites. However, even among this group of people, print readership is falling. Incomes are also rising across the board especially among the middle-class, which broaden the target audience of SQ. This shift in target audience actually signals a shift in user motivation as well due to a change in demographic profile and interests.

The second point I want to highlight is my first strategy. I forgot if I manage to cover this in my presentation but without elaboration, this slide would be meaningless!

social media individual

An extension to my first strategy of using employees as brand ambassadors, (where a video or post series is created featuring certain travel tips and reviews) is to encourage user-generated content, coupled with the use of Augmented Reality. Since Facebook has acquired Oculus Rift so their dabble in AR is not impossible. Their open API also allows for seamless integration between the app, the technology and the social media site.

So the next time you are in London and you want to know if the restaurant you just walked past serve good food or offer good service, rather than going on to tripadvisor and scrolling through restaurants that are 2 hours away from you, all you need to do is to open the app and align with the restaurant next to you and you will be able to access the user-generated reviews immediately!

I hope this will serve to clarify some of the problems that I thought might be present due to the lack of details on my slides! I wanted to keep my slides pretty and clean but I guess vanity is the wrong focus this time! Thank you for your attention!

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