Group 2: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Hi friends!

We are Group 2 presenting on the social media analysis of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL). The group consists of Elizabeth, Juliane, Jeannie, Mark and Jingfang. As coffee lovers ourselves, we often wondered why CBTL is perceived to be less competitive despite its superior coffee quality in the local market. Therefore, we embarked on a study to assess the effectiveness of CBTL’s social media strategy in boosting its presence locally.

On top of CBTL’s strong commitment to delivering quality coffee and tea products, its drive towards perfection is exemplified by a strong emphasis on employee excellence. CBTL’s mission is to “create a spirit within their company that inspires their team members to provide their customers with a total quality experience: quality of product, service and environment”. In addition, CBTL is also famous for inventing the Ice Blended Coffee drink back in 1989 when a barista decided to bring a blender to work. The drink remains as one of its signature beverages even till this day. Unfortunately, CBTL is not widely associated with its quality products, and is often perceived as an alternative to Starbucks in Singapore.

Considering both the primary research of consumer perceptions and secondary analysis of CBTL’s current social media marketing efforts, our group proposes for key changes to be made to their current social media presence to harness untapped potentials. We devised a social media campaign that embodies an overall message strategy that seeks to engage consumers through universally accepted themes of friendship, love and gifting. Such themes help to build emotional resonance, and allows CBTL to create new strands of connection and impressions with consumers, apart from its quality offerings.

The 3 main objectives that our group would like to achieve through our proposed strategies are as follows:

  • To increase social media following of CBTL steadily over the next year
  • Generate a word-of-mouth effect on CBTL
  • Enhancing brand perceptions of CBTL

We look forward to presenting to you guys tomorrow! Please don’t be late friends! Thank you very much!

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Initially took this class to justify the large amount of time I spend on social media platforms

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