Group 4 Group Project on Lululemon

Hi class

My group will be presenting on Lululemon Athletica Singapore.

Founded in 1998, Lululemon Athletica Inc. is a Canadian athletic apparel company with a strong focus on yoga-wear, and is a relatively new brand in the Singapore market. Due to its new entry, its current social media has a low following and its usage has not been effective in raising awareness for its brand. Besides low brand/product awareness, Lululemon has a poor brand image as a feminine brand. Also, its current social strategies of using ambassadors like fitness coaches and local athletes have not been effective. Consumers do not remember the social media posts by Lululemon, and think that Lululemon’s style of engagement is ‘boring’ and ‘irritating’. Their current social media campaign taglines are not memorable as well.

As such, our group proposed strategies aim to raise brand awareness, engage consumers in conversation online, and increase awareness of the versatility of its products so that Lululemon does not alienate its male consumers.

Looking forward to share our proposed strategies with you!

See y’all.

Group 4
Sarah Widjaja, Geraldine, Jun Kai, Yun Shan, Alyssa

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