Group 3 Group Project on LASALLE!!! #smusocialmediasingapore

Hi guys,

Our group project is on LaSalle College of the Arts – the Arts school that is near SMU.

We decided on this as our group project because we feel strongly for the lacklustre arts landscape in Singapore despite the government’s efforts to boost it. As a result, LaSalle, like NAFA, is facing a fall in enrolment rates but at a faster rate than NAFA.

We chose LaSalle over NAFA or SOTA because we feel that our recommendations will be better implemented in an institution that is open-minded and supported by state-of-the-art facilities. Opinionated adults may also be more inclined to partake in the implementation process without the influence of parents. While NAFA advocated structured learning, the origin and the background of Lasalle sowed the seeds of a pro-Western, creative, and contemporary art system that advocates independence, freedom, and exploration of the unknown (Lianhe Zaobao, 2014). Therefore, this poises Lasalle as fertile ground for great positive change.

Our group has hypothesized that LaSalle’s fall in enrolment rates can be attributed to the perception that there is no future in the arts in Singapore as well as the general lack of interest in the arts among the Singapore population. Our views are confirmed by a survey that we have conducted.

Therefore, we hope to leverage on the power of Social Media as part of our strategies to:

(1) To address the warped perception of employability and actual prospects of art students by leveraging on the power of social media (SM).
(2) To increase the interest, involvement, and consumption of news and developments related to the arts by targetting engagement rate on LaSalle’s SM platforms.
(3) To further improve the actual employability of LaSalle graduates by bridging the gap between students and potential employers.

We are excited to share our strategies with the class on Friday!

Signing off on behalf of Group 3,

Shyan =)

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