Group 9: Breadtalk

Hi class,

My group and I will be presenting on Breadtalk for our group project.

As most of us may know, Breadtalk has recently come under fire on social media for the soy milk incident – a photo was circulated on Facebook showing it selling repackaged Yeo’s soy milk even though the bottles had the ‘freshly prepared’ labels on them. Breadtalk suffered many criticisms and backlash, but the company has chose to ignore the negative feedback online resulting in more negative word-of-mouth on social media.

Our group feels that Breadtalk needs a more effective social media strategy to deal with its post-crisis challenges. We identified Breadtalk’s short-term problem as the negative word-of-mouth that is worsening its brand image. More importantly, its long-term problem is the continuous loss in customer trust in the brand, potentially resulting in customers avoiding purchase of Breadtalk’s products as a whole.

Therefore, in the short-term, we propose 1. To have a “BreadTalkers” forum to control and address negative feedback. 2. Launch a PR-focused social media campaign to create positive buzz and sentiments. This campaign, #TearAndShare, will center on letting customers share their happy moments enjoying Breadtalk’s bread, and how sharing the bread with their family and friends can enhance their moments together. In the long-term, Breadtalk definitely needs to rebuild customers’ trust towards its brand and products. Thus, our third strategy is to launch a “GetTalking” community website that connects customers in a closer community using various engaging and informational ways to increase customer trust.

We look forward to share with you more details of our social media strategies tomorrow!

Charmain, Xue Shan, Trang, Grace

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