Group 7 – Love, Bonito

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing well.

We are group 7 and we are going to be sharing with you guys our work on Love, Bonito!

Love, Bonito is an fashion e-commerce that pioneered the online shopping scene in Singapore way back in 2006. Initially named Bonitochico, it started out as a company selling second hand clothing but gained so much popularity that they started to design and manufacture their own clothing. With a few others, they unknowingly kickstarted the ‘blogshop’ in Singapore. Currently there are an estimated 50, 000 fashion online stores in stark contrast. Love, Bonito continued to grow by collaborating with famous designers such as Ted Saverio. Love, Bonito established itself as the local market powerhouses with 15% of the market share but is in a precarious position with more mass retail e-commerce sites setting their sites on larger influences e.g. Zalora.

Our group set out to find out Love, Bonito’s current position in the social media market and how we can improve it to help meet their goals of increasing market share, improving brand image and attaining their goals of empowering women to reach their goals by extending confidence through style.

As such, we propose both long term and short term strategy, revolving around 2 main goals:

  1. To further engage existing audiences by reinforcing the message that we cater to women of all walks and ages
  2. And to differentiate Love, Bonito as the most personable, relatable online brand around

Our strategies primarily involve Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and the plans are as follows:

Short term: The Love, Bonito Woman Campaign and What Should She Wear?

Long term: What should I wear, Snapchat stories

We will be elaborating more in class! We look forward to sharing with you our strategies this Friday (:

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