Group 4’s pitch of social media campaign strategy to lululemon


Dear All,

Here is good news I’d like to share about Group 4 and lululemon  athletica Singapore.

Group 4’s pitch of social media campaign strategy to lululemon was very well-received by the company, which is interested in taking up and implementing some of the group’s ideas into their new online & offline dynamics!

Group 4, as you know, is Sarah Widjaja, Geraldine Ong, Jun Kai, Fung Yun Shan, and Chin Wen Alyssa.

For the group, Sarah Widjaja presented to lululemon management a special idea pitch focusing on effective social media strategies for solving online challenges lululemon currently faces, such as low awareness and brand engagement. Further, Sarah projected super ideas on how to increase brand awareness, product versatility, and brand and style popularity amongst males, together with ideas on how to engage consumers in online conversations.  And in her modest and team-spirited way, Sarah made clear to lululemon and everyone that the presentation ideas are “a great validation of the work my group put into the project.”

It so happens that recently (during the past two years), lululemon has come to mind in several interesting and valuable interdisciplinary aspects globally (not only Singapore). One of these – generating extensive commentary on social media – was the infamous thigh-gap uproar: in a media interview, an at-that-time lululemon executive said that women without thigh gaps should not be wearing lululemon leggings; social media came alive with comments such as “the between-the-ears-gap is the real issue here, not the thigh-gap.” Another was related publicity of a scholarly-journal article with the smart title ‘Enclothed Cognition’ indicating that what one wears has a measurable effect on what one does, and implying it also affects how often and how thoroughly one does it, in other words, wearing particular types of gym clothing causes one to want to wear such clothes more often, go to the gym more frequently, and try harder when there (vide Adam, H. and Galinsky, A., Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Vol 48, No 4, July 2012, pp 918–925).

Many thanks, everyone. I wish you all enjoyable holidays. Please share any good news regarding landing jobs or internships, or exchange- and overseas-travel experiences and such. See you around campus next semester!




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