Social Media Marketing

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A couple of weeks back, Prof Shim shared with us the blurring lines between marketing and communications, and this article, Is Social Media Marketing Still Relevant?, is pretty insightful on some of the things organizations should look at before exploring marketing via social media.

One of the points in this article that caught my attention is the point that individuals do not go to social media just to be hounded by offers and brand messages. Considering the fact that organizations often use social media as a platform for marketing, I think the use of social media has come to a certain point of saturation where people are becoming oblivious to such campaigns. There is hence the need to go easy on social media marketing and more on how to create content that is relevant for the target audience. Messages should come across in a more subtle manner.

Another point this article raised is on how social media accounts need to be well-maintained and that there should be adequate interaction between organizations and individuals who visit their social media sites. I really agree with this point especially because some social media sites like Facebook have ‘response rate’ data that is published on an organization’s page – something that cannot be removed by the organization itself. For a visiting customer to the organization’s Facebook page, looking at the data may also influence his decision on whether he would like to engage with the organization. Organizations hence need to consider their ability to channel resources to manage their social media platforms before deciding to use one for social media marketing.

There are other points in this article that are also pretty interesting, so do have a look at it!

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