Aly & Fila and Zouk: The Chronicles of The Malaysian VIP

Many things get blown up online. And when a prominent DJ, with many followers and fans tells the world on Social Media that you’re “lame”, using the Denial tactic and Minimisation technique will only cause more damage to your brand reputation.

As according to the link above, a popular DJ was playing at Zouk. His stated end time was 3.30am, but he was initially invited to play till the end, which he agreed to. However, this initial agreement was dissolved when the Malaysian Prime Minister’s son wanted to spin. And there the situation worsens, as the DJ’s video of him criticizing Zouk’s actions were uploaded on Facebook and shared, leading to widespread dissent on an initially well regarded brand such as Zouk.

And Zouk responded, albeit in a way that only created more dissent as they were minimizing the determinants for their actions.

Lesson learnt: Apologise, and be sincere about it? People might be initially angry, but at least not as bad as now?

One response to “Aly & Fila and Zouk: The Chronicles of The Malaysian VIP”

  1. I think you have to consider the bigger picture here. Zouk underwent a change of leadership and the ‘old way’ of doing things have been all but left behind. Aly & Fila (yes i’m a fan) have been a fixture annually for Zouk and they are a world famous DJ duo with their own event bigger than ZoukOut. Voluntarily, Fila almost always spins till closing.

    It is difficult placating this public because what the Zouk management has done was to politicise music, which really should not be the case. In the process of recovery, they also made the mistake of dancing around the issue, stating undoubtedly facts, but those which did not help explain their case.

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