LTA’s Journey Video

Hi everyone!

Recently LTA uploaded a video onto Facebook:


What does a bus ticket mean to you? To this couple, it goes beyond something transactional – it's the ticket to the ride of their lives together. Watch as their feelings blossom into an enduring love that transcends time and boundaries.#SGBusJourney

Posted by Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving on Tharrrsdy, Marrrch 10, 2016

This seems like an effort at increasing positive sentiments towards the company, similar to the Starhub example Prof showed us in class. However, I do find this video more effective at generating positive attitudes towards the company because of a few techniques.

I liked that the video had a compelling storyline, and that it was relevant and relatable to most Singaporeans (its intended audience I would expect). It was especially effective at creating a sense of time by beginning the setting of the video in the earlier years of our transport system. This gave me a sense of nostalgia, and it engaged me because I could relate to it. No only did it make the video more interesting, it subtly highlighted how LTA has been consistently improving our transport over the years. This is definitely intentional in creating positive sentiments.

I felt that because the story was centred around a couple, as the audience becomes increasingly emotionally attached to the characters, even the blatant showcasing of our buses’ capabilities (e.g. the improved fare system, the better service from bus captains), could be forgiven because the audience is invested in the characters. I didn’t finish the video feeling as if LTA was praising itself (though through an objective and critical lens, it is pretty obvious). Rather, I finished the video with positive feelings, and a better brand attitude towards LTA.

This might be part of their social media campaign, seeing as there’s a hashtag #SGBusJourney in the caption of the video’s post, but I don’t really follow LTA or the bus operators in Singapore so I’m not sure.

Hope the rest of you enjoyed the video as much as I did! 🙂

One thought on “LTA’s Journey Video

  1. These recent months, there has been a spew of “retro” inspired advertising campaigns shared on both mass media and social media, such as the one regarding the pioneer generation packages… Linked here:

    just my thoughts, if its done so much, would the public cease to see it as a positive “nostalgia” but more of a contrived “propagandic” attempt to ride on a trend?
    As they say, everything in moderation…

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