Hi everyone! I am Zoe from G1, and my group and I will be presenting on SMRT.

We all know that SMRT is an important public transport operator in Singapore, and that more commuters are relying on trains with the enhancement of its railway systems, it is of upmost importance that SMRT builds a strong corporate communications strategy to increase its reputation and brand value. This is especially since SMRT’s current efforts seem inadequate to effectively manage the negative sentiments of its commuters. As such, our group has looked into SMRT’s current social media strategies to identify and suggest social media strategies for SMRT to adopt.

SMRT is currently active on 4 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, its mobile application and a company blog.

We found that SMRT did well in communicating on its corporate blog with a small but loyal group of readers who are interested in the technicalities of train faults. However, synthesio’s social listening and our survey that measured the effectiveness of SMRT’s social media usage showed us that SMRT has room for improvements in its other social media platforms.

Guided by our primary and secondary research, we have come up with a list of objectives that SMRT’s future strategies should fulfil. They are to:

  • Reduce public displeasure regarding breakdowns,
  • Improve public perceptions and opinions of SMRT and improve company image and,
  • Strengthen brand identity through differentiation between SBS and SMRT.

We have also come up with a list of solutions to meet the objectives above. These include increasing public awareness of SMRT’s Facebook page and feedback application, using humour on Facebook, Twitter and SMRT’s future Instagram page to reduce public displeasure, announcing SMRT’s CSR efforts on Facebook to create awareness and engagement and ultimately improve public perceptions of SMRT, and lastly, differentiating SMRT from SBS by improving its existing mobile application.

In conclusion, we hope that our strategies provide SMRT with solutions to increase its brand reputation and public perception. We hope you’re excited about our project and see you in class!

Group members: Daniel Chia, Claudia Koh, Zoe Toh, Hiroshi Kondo, Teryne Ichige

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