American Apparel (Group 4)

Background of American Apparel American Apparel is a brand that manufactures, distributes and retails branded fashion basic apparel. Founded by former CEO Dov Charney it is a company that oversees designing, manufacturing and distribution of all its products. On 5 October 2015, the company filed for bankruptcy, the final wake-up call for management. In FebruaryContinue reading “American Apparel (Group 4)”

G2, Group 2 – Zappos

Research Question: How has Zappos’ corporate culture driven its social media efforts in building a brand community? Introduction Inc. (Zappos), is an online shoe and clothing retailer known for its commitment to providing incredible customer service to create an extremely loyal customer base (Roggio, 2011). Customer satisfaction begins with a business’ employees, for aContinue reading “G2, Group 2 – Zappos”

G1, Group 4 – BreadTalk Project Summary

G1 Group 4 – BreadTalk Hi everyone, Our group would like to give you a brief preview of our suggestions for BreadTalk’s social-mediated crisis management strategies. What is BreadTalk? BreadTalk is an established Singaporean bakery known for its innovative and artisanal bread. On top of bread, its stores feature other products such as jam, cakesContinue reading “G1, Group 4 – BreadTalk Project Summary”