Hi All,

This is Lynette from the Pepsi Group (G1) and this is what our project is all about!


Pepsi is one of the world’s leading carbonated drinks and owns around 30% of the market share as of 2014 (NASDAQ, 2014).  Pepsi stands for music, sports and fun, and they strive to be at the pulse of pop culture and bring fans closer to the musicians, athletes and experiences they love. In line with this, Pepsi sponsors events such as the Superbowl and the Indian Premier League Cricket Tournament.



Based on our findings, we realize that although Pepsi pushes out campaigns periodically over the years, their campaigns are not as well received as its main competitor, Coca-Cola.

After analysing various Coca-Cola and Pepsi campaigns, we found some areas in which Pepsi can learn from Coca-Cola:

  • Knowing your audience : Structuring your campaigns in a way that consumers can identify with
  • Adopting a proactive stance
  • Alignment with business strategy and congruency of messaging strategies : Campaigns should be aligned with your current business strategies as well as having a recurring motif

Research Question

Thus this led to the derivation of our research question:

“How can Pepsi maximize its global consumer engagement through the use of social media?”


We came up with a short-term and a long-term recommendation with the objectives to:

  • Unify and employ a consistent message strategy
  • Alignment to business strategies
  • Generate a positive word-of-mouth effect

We will be delving into the specifics during our presentation so stay tuned!


Junwen, Cari, Shermae, Jaemie, Lynette


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