G2 Group 9 Magnum


Magnum is a premium ice cream brand under Unilever’s Heartbrand. Originally, developed in Belgium and launched in Germany in 1989, Magnum is the first handheld ice cream aimed exclusively at adults. Since then, they are sold over 40 countries worldwide. Magnum’s focus on product innovation has seen the launch of Magnum Classic which uses a special formula to combine ice cream and fine chocolate to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees celcius.

How can Magnum create strong brand community via interactive social media activities?

magnum flowchart

Through our industry analysis, we have found that there is much room for growth in the premium ice cream industry with rising disposable incomes and willingness to spend. Although Magnum’s parent company, Unilever is currently the market leader, there is increasing market competition with global brands and local artisan brands. After qualitative analysis of competitors, specifically their social media strategies, Magnum’s inactivity on social media proves to be one of the greatest weaknesses in their brand. Hence, we have done secondary research on brand communities, case studies and consumer behaviours to draw relevant lessons learnt and propose viable social media strategies to build a brand community for Magnum.

Overall goals:

  • Create strong social media presence on various platforms with engaging content curation
  • Increase proactivity and interactivity amongst consumer and promote brand community
  • Improve two-way communication and create dialogues with customers

These 3 goals would be operationalised in 3 distinct phases.

magnum process

Under each phase, 3 broad strategies would be implemented with different tactics and message strategies.

1. The Pleasure Seekers


  • Highlight characteristics of a Pleasure Seeker
  • Increase participation from consumers to share their experiences as a Pleasure Seeker

Message Strategy: You have what it takes to be a pleasure seeker, satisfy your daily desires with Magnum

2. Magnum and Fashion


  • Associate brand with traits like fashionable, premium quality
  • Increase exposure and expand influence by leveraging on existing communities

Message Strategy: Magnum, a must-have fashion accessory

3. Magnum Pleasure Hunt


  • Create hype and promote upcoming event with two-way engagement
  • Integration of social media and event to create on-the-go conversations

Message Strategy: Be part of the movement and you can have a say in Magnum’s future

A timeline is created with Gantt Chart to provide a brief visualisation of implementation. A measurement plan is also included to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns in order for long-term sustainability. Magnum can thus maintain the top-of-mind awareness and market position with increased consumer engagement to create meaningful connections between the brand attributes and the Pleasure Seekers.

Isabel, Loic, Wai Ting, Wan Rou

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