Health Freak? Maybe Social Media ain’t for You

Hello Everyone,

Hope the semester has been great so far. With exams round the corner, it is not uncommon for sleep to become a rarer commodity than Vibranium (Marvel fans will get it). So I thought I’d share an interesting article I recently came across that studies the side effects Social Media has with respect to our sleep cycles.

Possible Health Effects from Using Facebook?

facebook at night

This is something I think applies to us, as students, universally. What’s the first thing you do when you get up…? If you’re answer is not ‘Check my phone’ then you’re either lying or its just become such a reflex action that it no longer registers as an event even (Kudos if you really do do 20 push-ups or half hour of yoga).

The article highlights a study conducted on young adults and discusses the possibility of a direct correlation between the psychological aspects of Social Media and our sleep. Or…could it be another factor that is not being considered, such as mobile devices inherently?

Would love to hear what y’all think! Have a great study week and all the best for exams! Remember to sleep well!


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