G2 Individual Report- McDonald’s Singapore

Greetings everyone! I am Karen from G2 and my individual report is to analyze McDonald’s Singapore social media strategies.
Research question

In 2015 McDonalds’s CEO Steve Easterbrook announced that McDonalds’s new direction is to improve its food quality and to listen and adapt faster to consumers’ changing preferences. Easterbrook’s chief strategy was to revamp McDonald’s image as a healthier choice by bringing in fresher, lower-calorie items to the menu.

True to McDonalds’s commitment, new products introduced in 2016 by McDonalds-SG are riding on the tag line: “you said it, we made it” in addition to its long running “I’m loving it” slogan. New creations such as the Breaded Salmon Burger are advertised as products created in response to feedback received on its Singapore Facebook page to call for fresher and healthier ingredients and more diversified tastes. Hence, McDonalds-SG social media strategies are expected to be related to food quality, health and consumers’ feedback which lead me to my research questions:


  1. a) How is McDonalds-SG using its social media platforms to associate itself with health and wellness?
  2. Based on that, how can McDonalds-SG strengthen consumers’ perception of itself as a healthier choice, despites its stigma as an unhealthy fast-food chain in Singapore?


McDonald-SG social media usage is limited to marketing and McDonald-SG uses it as a one-way communication channel. Contents on its social media platforms also lack diversity and McDonald-SG does not actively engage its followers. Overall, McDonald-SG has not fully utilized its social media platforms to reflect its current brand direction as a healthier choice.

It is difficult to convince consumers that McDonalds is a healthy brand considering its stigma, any direct and obvious promotion or association with health is likely to backfire and be met with criticisms.



The message of the proposed strategies is to enhance McDonald-SG’s association with health and wellness, and this can be achieved through two phases by meeting these objectives:

  1. a) Phase 1:

Objective 1. Increase engagement and build loyal fan base.

Objective 2. Build trust and increase product transparency

  1. b) Phase 2:

Objective 3. Positively influence brand image and associate McDonald-SG with health and wellness


Proposed strategies- Click on image to view

contest promocontest promo 3cover page copy

Photo credit: https://runkeeper.com/index, https://runkeeper.com/index, https://www.mcdonalds.com.sg/

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