COMM346 – G1 Individual Project: Lloyd’s Inn


Lloyd’s Inn is a 3-star, 34-room boutique hotel hidden strategically within the Orchard Road precinct. The hotel boasts an iconic, minimalist design after undergoing a complete rebranding initiative by FARM architecture in 2014.

As with many boutique hotels, the hotel’s key differentiating factor is the provision of a unique hotel experience. Lloyd capitalizes on its distinct architecture and strategic location to offer guests a minimalistic respite from the bustling city.

Lloyd’s Inn targets younger millennial travelers looking for an unconventional and experiential hotel stay. The hotel’s open-concept rooms and outdoor bath area provides an intimate space that appeals to local couples.

In line with its brand image of modern simplicity, the hotel’s social media pages have proven effective in creating a strong brand image in terms of reinforcing the hotel’s distinct aesthetic appeal.


More recently, however, the hotel has attempted to use social media as a platform to engage with potential and past guests but with limited success. This research therefore serves to evaluate Lloyd’s current social media strategy in achieving its objectives of 1) creating and maintaining and strong brand image and 2) fostering consumer engagement with potential and past guests.

Given that the hotel has succeeded in creating an effective brand image in terms of the hotel’s aesthetic appeal, Lloyd should focus on 1) driving interaction and increasing engagement with potential and past guests and 2) building other aspects of its value proposition in order to create a more holistic brand image.

This can be done through an integrated marketing campaign that drives engagement and address the gap identified from the evaluation of Lloyd’s current strategies – the lack of emphasis on guest experience.

The integrated marketing campaign uses an underlying creative concept of writing a letter to a friend in order to create a more relatable persona in the hotel’s communication style. The IMC utilises platforms including Instagram, Facebook and TripAdvisor and is supported through internal marketing measures to ensure a holistic and consistent messaging strategy.

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