G1 – Individual Project – Kinohimitsu

Hi everyone!

The company that I have chosen to work on is Kinohimitsu. My project focuses on analysing their social media usage on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Kinohimitsu Pte Ltd is a proprietary brand under Kino Biotech and is a leading integrated bionutraceutical and cosmeceutical company focused on healthcare, beauty products and services. They are most well known for their range of natural collagen drinks and health supplements, which has been tested and proven to provide healthcare and skincare benefits.

Research Questions

  1. What are the flaws in the way that Kinohimitsu is using their social media platforms?
  2. How can Kinohimitsu address these flaws in order to expand their reach and increase their follower base on social media?

Data Collection

I monitored Kinohimitsu’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts over a four-week period from 4 March 2016 to 1 April 2016.

I monitored the following areas across the three social media platforms:

  • Follower growth trend
  • Nature of social media content and their likes, comments and shares
  • Performance of posts by categories
  • Level of engagement of posts
  • Distribution of interactions of posts

Analysis and Findings

Using the data collected, I was able to answer my first research question by deriving meaningful insights to identify the problems that Kinohimitsu is currently facing. They are:

  1. Lack of unified customer brand experience
  2. Unidentified Target Market
  3. Passive social media content that does not drive social conversations

Strategies and Recommendations

The strategies and recommendations are aimed at answering the second research question.

Strategy 1 – #MeBut Better Campaign

#MeButBetter is a 5-day social media campaign primarily based on Facebook, but links users to their other social media channels at the same time.

Campaign strategy: Kinohimitsu is a lifestyle.

Message Strategy: If you are looking for long-term wellness solutions, do not go for fads and trends. Keep an active lifestyle, and use Kinohimitsu to give you that extra boost.

Strategy 2 – Fastest Fingers Q&A Competition

The Fastest Fingers Q&A Competition is a competition held across all of Kinohimitsu’s social media platforms where users will have to answer a question asked by Kinohimitsu about one of their brand’s products. The first 100 users who comment and answer correctly will be entered into a draw where they stand a chance to win $300 worth of Kinohimitsu products. However, the catch is that it is a surprise competition held on a random day in the year and users will have no warning of when the competition will be held beforehand.


Hope you enjoyed reading this short summary of my project!


Michelle (G1)


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