G1 Individual Project – Reebok Singapore

Hi everyone!

I’m writing on Reebok Singapore for my individual paper.

Reebok is a globally established athletic footwear and apparel brand which is managed by the Adidas Group. It seeks to empower consumers to be ‘Fit for Life’ by delivering them with relevant brand experiences and products through infusing aspirational, innovative and fun elements. Reebok target consumers are generally male and female millennials who are between the ages of 18 -34 years old and engage in an active fitness lifestyle.

Research Questions

  • How effective is Reebok using its social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to raise brand awareness and engage its target consumers within the Singapore market?
  • How can Reebok use the same social media platforms to further improve brand awareness and consumer engagement within the Singapore market?

Data Collection

  • Number of likes, comments and shares for relevant posts
  • Style of content approach on each social media platform
  • Number of UGC posts through relevant hashtags such as #ReebokSG
  • Comparison with competitor and Reebok’s generic social media accounts


  • Usage of online contests to spur consumer interest, awareness and engagement
  • Does not employ a copy-paste approach for its content across its social media platforms, unlike its competitor


  • Lack of a localized Twitter account
  • Lack of brand identity and brand consistency across social media platforms
  • Lack of content localization
  • Lack of interaction/engagement with consumers across social media platforms


  • Create a localized Twitter account
    • Twitter is one of the social networks in Singapore which has high social penetration. Thus, not utilizing a localized Twitter account would only result in missing valuable opportunities to extend Reebok Singapore’s online outreach to drive brand awareness and consumer engagement.
  • Local UGC Hashtag Campaigns: #BadgesOfHonorSG and #BeMoreHumanSG
    • These two campaign celebrate the elements of Reebok i.e. empowering consumers to be fit for life through inspirational, innovative and fun element. It addresses the issue of the lack of brand identity and brand consistency across its social media platforms. Furthermore, leveraging UGC for such hashtag campaigns foster consumer interest and interaction with the brand, which in turn drive brand awareness and consumer engagement. The usage of UGC within the local context also improves Reebok Singapore’s content weakness in terms of content localization.
  • Influencer Strategy & Usage of Videos
    • Reebok should engage a Singaporean influencer to promote Reebok sports footwear and apparel whose image reflect those of RS. This is to ensure consistency in featuring its brand identity and element across its social media platforms. An example is Sandra Riley Tang from The Sam Willows. Sandra regularly engages in Yoga and Crossfit, sports which Reebok are prominent for. Thus, engaging her as an influencer allows Reebok Singapore to resolve two issues at one go; the first issue of brand identity and consistency and second issue of raising brand awareness, consumer engagement and customer loyalty.
  • Integration of Social Media Usage with Reebok Mobile Application
    • Reebok should also employ a gamification technique which incorporates a loyalty based programme on its mobile application. Firstly, users of Reebok mobile application could earn points by simply following their respective localized social media platforms. Secondly, they could also earn points when they checked into a Reebok based eventin Singapore and post a photograph of themselves at the event on social media via the mobile application. Bonus points would be awarded to the best photograph according to two themes e.g. Best Workout Photograph and Best Workout Reebok Attire Photograph. The gamification technique encourages fun participation among RS users which in turn foster brand awareness and consumer engagement. Upon sufficient points, Reebok users may redeem these points for certain Reebok products

Thank you for your time!

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