G1 Individual Report – Adidas Singapore

Hi everyone,

I chose to research on Adidas for the individual project assignment. To keep the brand introduction succinct, Adidas is a German manufacturer of sportswear and accessories and is acknowledged as one of the most iconic sports brands worldwide. Adidas Singapore manages two official platforms – Facebook and Twitter, with a composition of 80-90% global content and remaining 10-20% local content (Manjur, 2015)

According to Hashmeta Singapore, half of the population uses social media to make purchase decision, with 46.2% of Singaporeans first researching on product reviews, user experiences and comments via platforms such as Facebook (Social Media Statistics, 2015). Thus, the RQ is: How can Adidas Singapore better localize their social media strategies to cater to the Singapore consumer market in order to drive consumption behaviour?

Data collection and analysis were conducted across both platforms for Adidas, as well as its competitor Nike for a month.

Well, some interesting findings (and news) include

  1. For Facebook, both brands operate on a Global Pages framework, with Adidas having 12 subpages. This means that a unified brand presence is preserved while users are automatically directed to unique content curated and search engine optimised for their local market through geographically-targeted and language filters.
  2. The Adidas Singapore Twitter account has an additional emphasis on football-related merchandises due to its frequency of play as the second most popular sport with equipment locally (data by Singapore Sports Council).
  3. Nike recently announced a suspension in its endorsement deals with Maria Sharapova (doping scandal) and Manny Pacquiao (derogatory remarks made about homosexual about couples)! 😦

The recommendations I came up with were:

  1. Street influencer strategy
  2. Instagram
  3. Native advertising

The underlying direction for Adidas Singapore is to establish integrated marketing communication, which can be done by streamlining any published content to what is most compatible to the functionalities of a specific platform.

Thank you for your time to read this post and I shall end off by encouraging everyone to stay positive and healthy during the finals period.



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