G1 Individual Report – Costa Coffee

Hi everyone,

I am doing on Facebook across Costa Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Starbucks Coffee. While Starbucks and Coffee Bean have been established in Singapore since 1996, Costa was only introduced to the local market in 2012. Thus, the following is my research question: How can Costa Coffee use Facebook to effectively compete with the larger coffee chains Starbucks Coffee and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?

Data Collection:

  • Number of page likes
  • Average number of likes and shares per post
  • Types of content shared
  • Noteworthy posts

Analysis & Findings:

Based on the data collected, I was able to identify some of the strengths and weaknesses of Facebook from the point of view of Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Costa. The following are considered to be both strengths and a weaknesses of Facebook.

  • User base reach
  • Features & functions


Based on the data collected and the analysis, Costa Singapore is lacking brand awareness and user participation and engagement. Thus, the following recommendations aims to also answer the research question on how Costa Singapore can utilise Facebook to effectively compete with the larger and longer established Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

  • Brand ambassador and influencer strategy
  • Native advertising strategy


Thanks for reading!

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