G2 Individual Project- Sports brand

Hello fellow peoples,

The companies that I’m researching are New Balance, Asics and Sketchers i have been looking through their Instagram profile since mid of February. I used multiple data mining tool like synthesio and minter to give me more insights from different perspective.

These are my research question:

My research question aims is to determine whether the companies are effectively posting or reaching out to their target audience using Instagram?

Data collection and analysis

In this research, i will be checking on their profile on the following things:

  1. total number of followers
  2. increasing/decreasing of followers
  3. number of post in image and videos
  4. effective time to post
  5. top hashtag
  6. sentimental value
  7. key influencer


By looking at the 3 different companies, Asics has the potential to increase its market in Singapore than Skechers with the current information that I have on hand. Therefore, my strategies or suggestion in the latter part is to further improve in increasing awareness to more followers and exposure to Asics brand.

Looking for different type of brand ambassador

Competitor from other companies has different field of ambassador to reach out to the public. While Asics only targeting  at sports athletes which only covering the same aspect of the market.

Hashtag campaign for amazing race

The amazing race has to complete current mission to proceed to the next stage.During this amazing race, members are require to take photo to find specific location while hashtag the event and group name in Instagram or complete the given mission at the specific spot.




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