Individual Project G1 – Telco Companies

Hi everyone!

I am working on topic 2, analysis of one social media platform across three organisations.

The industry that I have chosen is telco and will be analysing SingTel, StarHub and M1. In particular, I will be focusing my strategies on SingTel, to help them improve their brand equity through social media.

Research Question:

“How can SingTel use Facebook to its advantage to compete in the saturated telecommunication industry?”

Data Collection Methods:

I will be using tracking (observations) of the 3 organisations’ social media platforms and supplement the data with other social media analytic tools to quantify the observations.

The following data will be collected:

  1. Number of follows
  2. Growth rate of the social media
  3. Types of posts (Pictorial, video, campaigns etc.)
  4. Performance of each type of post (No. of likes, shares and comments)
  5. Frequency of posting
  6. Content of post
  7. Engagement level


Analysis of findings and proposed strategies:

Strengths and Weaknesses of Facebook will be analysed.

For the proposed strategies, I will be focusing on SingTel and propose strategies for SingTel to overcome the limitations of Facebook to compete successfully in the saturated telco industry.

Overview of proposed strategies:

  1. Use of hashtag to classify promotional post. To declutter the information on their Facebook page.  And use infographics instead of lengthy paragraphs to engage users.
  2. Official feedback channel on Facebook. To prevent users from raising complains on posts that are unrelated to the content of the posts.
  3. Year-long campaign to spread positive word of mouth of SingTel service and promotions.


That’s all for now, all the best for finals!! 🙂


Shihui (G1)


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