Social Media, good or bad? Exploring the recent case on: Popular KPOP Girl Group SNSD Tiffany gets bashed on Social Media.

Let’s be honest here, as a public figure, who would not make use on the popularity of Social Media tools to keep fans updated on their news? It’s not a surprise for popular Kpop girl group , SNSD’s Tiffany to have an Instagram and Snapchat account as well.

SNSD Tiffany is known to be the most active user (compared to other members) on Social Media tools. She updates her selfies (also know as “selcas”in korean), her rehearsals with SNSD, her own personal life etc. She hopes to connect her fans with her little space through these Social Media Tools. Fans were equally elated to hear that she is able to use Social Media tools despite a history of strict management from her agency – SM Entertainment.

However, these happy interactions do not last long, few months back, Tiffany got bashed on Social Media for posting inappropriate content on both her Instagram and Snapchat. Korean users were frustrated and disappointed when Tiffany posted a picture of the Japanese flag emoticon on her instagram as well as the icon of the “Japanese raising sun flag” words on her Snapchat.


Noticed those? She was criticized so badly because she happened to upload them near the Korea’s Liberation Day.



The above comments were taken out from popular Social Media websites which are widely used by Koreans. The harsh comments hit Tiffany hard such that she was removed from popular variety show – Unnis, deprived her on the continuation of her endorsements and it was also rumored that former SNSD member, Jessica was mocking on her “ignorance.”


Conversely, fans have been showing a lot of love to former member – Jessica because she inserted “I love Seoul” in her Snapchat where at the point of time, Tiffany had the Japanese Icon on her Snapchat. Rumors on Social Media where comparing if Jessica had did it on purpose to mock the SNSD member.


It is understandable that the Korea Liberation Day is an important day to Koreans and it happened that the graphics uploaded by Tiffany is a design that reminisce Japanese Rising Sun Flag (a.k.a. “Hinomaru”) used by Japan’s imperial army and navy during its expansion prior to and during the Second World War. The flag was used as the wartime flag of Japan during the Pacific conflict has made it a symbol of controversy, especially in China and Korea. It is inevitable that a public figure like Tiffany who has been working in the Korean entertainment industry for years got bashed by Korean Netizens for her lack of sensitivity and ignorance.

This brings back the question on – Social Media, a good or a bad? The Social Media tools were once created for the purpose of bringing positivism and closer ties with people, it was once a personal space for one to provide their thoughts which they are not able to portray in real life, what was meant to be a genuine mistake turns out to be a very big and unforgettable punishment and issue – simply putting a big “hooha.” And what was intended to be a casual remark turned out to be a twisted message rumored to hurt the other party – “Rumors are equally scary.”

Do we have to be very restricted and careful with our shared content from now? Will it eventually defeat the purpose of having a so-called “private space?”

Just some thoughts away~

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