G1 Group 2 How can Times Software Utilise B2B Marking Strategies to Attract New Clients And Promote Brand Awareness?


You can’t buy Time, but now you can!





Competitor Analysis



Target Audience


Facebook: Claim the Page and Carry out Action Plan (Attract, Retain and Engage)

Attract – Giveaway contest with a E-Payroll Tour Video with boosting (1,500 users to like the Page)



Retain – Interesting Content Strategy to be posted minimally weekly (Retain 50% of 1,500 likers over the 6 months)


Engage – Create events and ask questions (Two-way communication)


LinkedIn: Create a company profile and carry out Action Plan

Attract – Use current clientele’s testimonial to raise brand awareness with LinkedIn Paid Targeted Ads


Retain and Engage – Start posts with questions that are relevant to the client’s business environment with links to the company’s website



Instagram: Create an Instagram Business Profile and Carry out Action Plan

Attract – The Big Clients First Post and Promote it


Retain – Catchy Slogan



Engage – Special Occasion Post

Instagram special occasion post.png


Foreseeable Obstacles


Overlapping sales and marketing roles + Customers negative comments may not be handled in time with care





Cost Benefit Analysis



Done by: Dionis Liaw Ying Ling, Ong Xue Ling, Petrina Thia Ai Ling

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