Group 9 – The Book Cafe

Introduction to The Book Cafe

The Book Café is a book-themed café that provides a great hangout place for its guests with its relaxing, casual and cosy atmosphere.Well-equipped with a huge array of magazines, books, foreign and local newspapers, electrical power-points for laptop users, free wireless internet access and a photocopier, and all day breakfast our café have became a hot-spot for students as well as working adults.

Since opening in September 2000, The Book Café has played host to a series of cocktail parties, club meetings, product launches and various private events. This event planning service cater to both personal and corporate entertainment needs.

The indoor dining area resembles a large living room with big inviting sofas, soft lights and bookshelves to complement its intimate interior that allows guests to dine-in with comfort. Al-fresco dining is also available in The Book Café.

Located at the Martin Road which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Book Café is just the right place to hold your for first dates, chill-out sessions, families’ gatherings and even business lunches.

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Target Audience

Young millennials : 19 – 35 years

Born between 1980-2000, these millennials happen to be the most tech savvy & have the most spending power.

3 Specific Groups

Book lovers: With the emergence of digital print, millennials are sticking with printed books and almost every 2 out of 5 people are book lovers. A book theme cafe is the perfect spot for this customer group.

Students: Students today are turning away from their homes and libraries for study spaces and are shifting towards cafes. Cafes that are able to tap into this have been able to increase their earnings.
Freelancers: With electrical power-points for laptop users, free wireless internet access and a photocopier, this cafe is a hot-spot for working adults –  especially freelancers who don’t have a fixed office place to work from.

Project Goals to be Fulfilled 

1. Increase awareness of the brand through word-of-mouth

2. Increase responsiveness to positive and negative feedback – crisis management

3. Increase interesting content and aesthetics in all social media sites

4. Transform audience from watchers to producers

5. Build sustainable social media channels

Feasible Media Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Review based sites



  • Facebook – Page views, fan count and likes on their posts
  • Twitter – Number of followers and retweets
  • Instagram – Number of followers, likes
  • Review-based sites – Number of reviews, and likes
  • Website – Page views


  • Facebook – Number of shares and comments on postsTwitter – Number of replies, retweets, hashtags used, number of compliments / complaints   
  • Twitter – Number of replies, retweets, hashtags used, number of compliments/ complaints
  • Instagram – Number of comments, shares, bookmarks, check-ins at cafe location, hashtags related to the business
  • Review-based sites – Comments, shares, number of click-thrus /  view-thrus from review websites to company websites
  • Website – Number of people who utilize the chat function


  • Facebook & Instagram – number of people who tagged their friends in a post and friends who replied their friends’ comments, quality of comments e.g. “let’s go”
  • Twitter – number of tweets that feature users considering a visit to the cafe
  • Review-based sites – number of visitors from review sites clicking through and asking about company operations or food items


  • Facebook – number of check-ins at the cafe locations and quality of reviews
  • Twitter – number of users updating their status to reflect their experience at the cafe
  • Instagram – number of check-ins at the cafe locations and quality of captions and replies to their friends who commented
  • Review-based sites – number of people who use the promo code from review sites
  • Website – number of people who make reservations

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 7.06.19 PM.png

Group 9 (Justine, Stephanie, Grace, Rithika, Moeno)

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