(G1) Group 6’s Project Proposal: Ohhmybox

Ohhmybox (OMB) is a startup company that was established 8 months ago. OMB provides monthly subscription boxes for the “Modern Gentleman” and is currently the first of its kind in Singapore. Boxes are designed according to monthly themes and contain facial products, grooming essentials and accessories like socks and ties.

Even though subscription box service is not an entirely new concept in Singapore, OMB is fairly unknown. A further analysis of their social media platforms revealed:

  1. Lack of awareness and community on their pages

Startups often face resource constraints and are forced to maximize their advertising outreach at low costs. As a result, even though OMB constantly updates and provide sponsored content on their page, as compared to 2 other male subscription box services, their page is lacking in brand awareness.

Their Instagram page is also severely lacking in authentic follows, with a bulk of its 1,499 followers coming from bots and fellow e-commerce stores. Clearly, OMB can do much more in terms of gaining an organic community.


  1. Visuals not adequately used to communicate deals and promotions  

OMB constantly updates their social media with upcoming promotions and exclusive deals, yet these promotions are not accompanied with attention-grabbing pictures. This could also be why their posts are often met with less than 10 likes, contributing to its low awareness on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 10.36.30 PM.png

OMB’s target audience includes:

  • Existing customers: 18-35 in age, as found out from an interview with the founder
  • Potential customers: Millennial males, including students and corporate professionals
  • Secondary target audience: Females who intend to buy OMB as gifts for their male friends    

As millennials of this age range are usually active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, we believe they can each play a different role in OMB’s social media strategy.

Our project goals:

  • Inform millennial males and other potential customers of the awareness of such a lifestyle brand
  • Educate them on how their subscription service works, and establishing OMB as a top-of-mind lifestyle brand for males
  • Engage in conversations and promotions to drive participation on their page

Through social media channels, we hope to convey the overarching brand message of OMB being a “one-stop-shop for the modern gentlemen”. We also aim to establish OMB as a lifestyle brand which provides practical and trendy products and help its customers dress for success.

One response to “(G1) Group 6’s Project Proposal: Ohhmybox”

  1. Think it would be beneficial if you guys highlight how ohhmybox is better than its other competitors to the target audience as well! For eg. If ohhmybox allows for returns if the individual does not like something in the box or smth then inform the target audience of such benefits 🙂


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