Please introduce yourself to your classmates! Show the real you!

2 responses to “Please introduce yourself to your classmates! Show the real you!”

  1. hi everyone,

    melanie here. came across this article and some part resonated with my personal experience so thought i would share it;

    the article acknowledges the massive role Facebook plays in the lives of its users, and considers that given its influence, should be used to serve and help users ‘gain a more complete picture of the world’. this is done through gaining awareness and increasing engagement through discourse. while an ideal goal, there are systemic reasons that do not allow for this. Facebook is ‘primarily a network of people, as opposed to ideas’. this distinction is crucial as our Facebook friends ‘tend to be people we know in real life and this likely generates homogeneity of thought’, rather than encourage open conversations. Granted, strangers that we encounter through common interest groups may pose as an opportunity for exposure to differing views but ultimately, our News Feed are engineered to display things that we are likely to be interested in.

    personally over the years, i did sense the articles appearing on my feed appealed to me, many times wondering if they were designed to look like what i wanted to see. considering Facebook does put in place algorithms and collects our data to form profiles, these information appear selectively, often pre-endorsed by friends who happen to agree with it. initially found a pre-filtered feed that delivered content i would likely enjoy to be a blessing that came with technology, since time is such a precious commodity. yet i am now made aware of some of its dangers, pre-filtering in this manner also mean we risk hearing only our own echoes, amplified by likes from those who are similar to us. most certainly, we may more often be confronted with people who agree with us; but may we be pushed to understand viewpoints different from our own. if anything, it is an attitude of open-ness one can choose to hold that will bring us closer toward having meaningful discourse online.

    would love to hear your thoughts!

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  2. Very interesting article! However, whether its Facebook, Newspapers or any other channel, I think people will generally gravitate toward information & content that they like, agree with, or want to hear. Even without the algorithms, we would still do this. The algorithms just do it better and make our lives a little easier. However, I think the article made a good point about how Facebook and even other social media sights amplify a lot of the “fake news”. Nice to hear that Facebook is taking certain measures to reduce the amount of fake news floating around on its platform, but it is still unfortunate that people really use Facebook as a source of news for anything other than the Kardashians.


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