Does your perception of Tinder influence others?

Hi friends!

I am writing this blog post to summarise our group’s project. We are doing an academic research, and the research question we are curious to study is how one’s perception of Tinder influences others.

Our research is inspired by our curiosity regarding the fall from grace of Tinder – how it used to be the onling dating app, to it now being often seen as a “hookup app”. In our knowledge, bad news certainly does spread fast, and social media plays a huge role in it.

Having said that, we would like to examine three hypotheses:

  1. Tinder has negative reputation among local university students.
  2. Tinder-users from local universities are influenced by other local university students’ perception of Tinder.
  3. Local university students prefer other dating applications compared to Tinder.

Hypotheses #1 and #2 are designed to answer the research question on how one’s perception of Tinder influences others, while Hypothesis #3 serves as a check on whether our conclusions derived are true.

Based on surveys conducted, we learnt that Tinder is negatively perceived amongst local university students, being associated as a ‘hookup app’. Additionally, from our survey results and focus group interviews, we also found that local university students are particularly concerned about their peer’s perception of Tinder. Further, such concerns have led to a decreased confidence, and use of Tinder amongst local university students. Finally, our research also discusses the limitations of our findings and potential areas for future research.



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