Hi I am in Madrid now.

Hello dearest friends,

I started my new academic journey at IE University in Madrid, which is one the fast growing and reputable University in Europe.

I am so excited that I finally arrived in Europe with full of hopes and dreams about what the life in Madrid would be like.

The city is amazing with rich heritage and cultural elegance.

I love the people who are warm and kind, caring about community, which I feel much in common with my life experience and people in South Korea.

Although it has been a lot challening to survive in non-English speaking enviornment, I am greatly being helped by Google translator, which I think life-saving technolgy. Truly it is!

Thanks gooogle~

I will start several research projects with my students here as well as world-renowned faculty members in IE.

I feel every part of IE is so brilliant, trendy, and full of energy to move foward.

I hope I can settle in stone anytime soon (I have a lot errands to do for my new european style apartment in hip neiborhood in Chamberi:).

Wish me a good luck all along the way.

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