KaraokeOne – the community of singers

Karaoke One – The community of singers

Hi guys! I am going to collaborate with this new start up as part of their marketing team to broaden their reach and to make them known worldwide. The idea of the app is to bring Karaoke to a mobile form, as well as giving it a sort of competitive side. The layout is pretty much a vertical social platform like TikTok but where you can make your own covers or music; and your followers or people like, comment your performances. The idea is to create or revive a community of music and signing lovers in one place.

One of the biggest investors is Rolling Stones, and the app has some support from Apple.

Keeping into account, KaraokeOne is one third of the entire project they are creating:

  • As a second app called OperaOne: a similar app but with connection to real life orchestra and sopranos to create your own music; is in progress of being built and,
  • The connection of all will be made through MediaverseOne: a way to monetize your performances by making them NFT and gaining money in your wallets from your position in the competition.

As you can see through the link of the website, you can also download the app.


I am asking you for your opinion on the application and start up, through the link above. I would like your feedback and opinions for a marketing project. The goal is to broaden their reach, which is now concentrated mainly in Italy, to something more international, for an age range between 20-35/40.

It would be of very good help, and a good exercise if you gave me your personal feedback on the opportunities of the marketing strategies and ideas this app could benefit from. 

Thank you for your help and advice!

8 responses to “KaraokeOne – the community of singers”

  1. This is a fantastic business idea! I believe it will attract a lot of attention from young European audiences. I am looking forward to seeing more great ideas from our peers.


  2. Camille Mathias Avatar
    Camille Mathias

    I think this is a great idea, as other than the social media side, people will be able to enjoy it at gathering with friends, or parties. Creating some sort of competition is fun and sounds also like the wii video game “The Voice”. Having a mobile version where it could be accessible that easily will for sure attract many people. To have an international reach, you should try and first, advertise it on social media, and through IE, as IE has a broad community of international people. The students, when they go home, can play with their friends from back home and those friends with their other friends ect… This might be a slow process but little by little it could expend. Other than that, just creating posts on instagram and paying a small amount of money to get a better reach has been in my experience proven to work very well and attract many users. Just make posts simple and eye catching to get people’s attention.

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  3. Hi! I think this idea is great and could potentially grow a lot internationally. For it to gain traction I think it needs to gains popularity in the younger demographics, aprox. 20-25 year olds. This is what TikTok did in the beginning, and aiming to gen-z in these types of social networks is clearly successful. Once gen-z is attracted and makes it popular, it is easier for it to become popular and reach a more international level

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  4. I think this business idea is excellent and has the potential to capture the interest of young internet user all around the world. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out amongst competition in the near future.

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  5. Hey! I believe this is a great idea at its fundamental level: a platform where young singers can interact and share their talents is very aligned with the interests of our generation and the potential uses for it would be tremendous.
    However, I’m worried about attention span. Given that even now with TikTok people tend to skip videos that last more than 15 seconds, I’m concerned that a karaoke app may ask too much from users who are simply not used to longer content anymore.
    I think if the app finds a way to make the karaoke sharing more dynamic and brief, it would be an amazing project.

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  6. Inés Arcones Avatar
    Inés Arcones

    Karaoke One is a great platform to share spontaneous moments with friends. Young adults regardless their demographic will be interest in joining it. I found it really intuitive and it’s really user friendly. Furthermore, I really like the features of the platform such as the chart which can create a lot of engagement between its users.
    Regarding the design, I’m worried it looks similar to TikTok which in this case could be define as the competition. Hence, I would give another thought about the brand personality. As it’s an unique idea, the website should reinforce its uniqueness.
    The app has a lot of potential. Excited to see this journey unfold!

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  7. Maria Rebeca Elmudesi Avatar
    Maria Rebeca Elmudesi

    I believe this is a great idea and has the potential to create a community of music loving people! In order to broaden the reach of the platform, I believe it can be good to reach out and involve people that already have a following in social media such as influencers and musicians, in order to convert their audience to the app.
    I also believe incorporating prizes to the most notable users can increase the interaction and attract a larger amount of users. Additionally, it plays on the idea of competition that you mention.

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  8. Sophia Schultheis. Avatar
    Sophia Schultheis.

    I think this is an innovative way of bringing a very social activity into a digital activity. The layout is very understandable and user friendly while also being fun and interactive. My question would be more regarding the chart and who defines that. But overall a very well made website and idea concept.

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