Social media as a double-edged sword

Helloooo everyone! Came across the Domino’s Pizza example online and found some interesting information related to what was mentioned in class last Saturday. It’s about social media as a double-edged sword which I would like to share it here with everybody. What happened at Domino’s Pizza? On Easter Sunday in April 2009, two Domino’s employeesContinue reading “Social media as a double-edged sword”

Questions on PR & Employees Feedback on Social Media

Hi Prof and friends 🙂 I have some queries in mind: Regarding the integration of PR & marketing efforts eg by Starhub / SingTel. Both have very high market share on the telco segment in Sg. Telecommunication is part of a necessity too.  As such, how necessary is actually PR for these two (personally forContinue reading “Questions on PR & Employees Feedback on Social Media”

PR OR Marketing OR PR AND Marketing?

Further to Valdy’s post on Queries on IMC (Week 3.1): “Furthermore, how can we able to distinguish an IMC campaign from just a traditional marketing advertisement? Would the fact that IMC campaigns are placed in social media platforms and are digital allow us to distinguish them?” Taking IMC in conjunction with COMM346 has given me a better idea ofContinue reading “PR OR Marketing OR PR AND Marketing?”